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July 2006
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Ninja Class Trailer

TQ Games has released a new trailer showing off the abilities the new Ninja class in Conquer Online as it uses its duel wielding abilities to take down the game's other classes.

New Card Set Announced

Today, SOE has announced a new card set for their Legends of Norrath trading card game. The new addition will be known as "Oathbreaker" and includes over 250 new cards.

Exclusive Screenshots

The folks over at IGG have been kind enough to send us three exclusive screenshots for their upcoming MMORPG, ZU Online.

Exclusive Screenshot, Week 11

Today, we continue a series that will see the publication of one new, exclusive screenshot from the upcoming MMORPG Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising. The star of this week's screenshot is the deady Chimera.

Lore Almighty

Lore and storytelling in MMORPGs are the focus of this new editorial from Aaron Roxby.

AGC: Taylor Daynes, Lead Designer

Aaron Roxby gets a fresh perspective on some new features.

AGC: Hands-On

Another of the rare demo stations is visited.

AGC: Tim Greenhalgh

We learn about this interesting new MMORPG.

AGC: Ron Meiners

The community manager met with Aaron Roxby.

AGC: Gambryo and Metrics

Aaron goes technical at AGC.

Writers: Creating Characters for Games

Aaron Roxby brings back another report from the Game Writer's Conference that took place along side AGC.

Aaron: The Final Day

Aaron delivers his - and our - final blog.

Aaron: Day Two

Aaron drops by with his day two sights and sounds.

AGC Writer Keynote

Aaron reports on this speech.

Aaron: Newbie

The new guy tries out Austin.