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A veteran of the US Army, raging geek, and avid gamer, Red Thomas is that cool uncle all the kids in the family like to spend their summers with. Red lives in San Antonio with his wife where he runs his company and works with the city government to promote geek culture.

February 2014
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April 2020
Red's Read on Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Red Thomas wears the jeweled crown of Vlandia upon his trouble brow. Let me tell you his story of high adventure. Also, maybe tell you a little about Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord and the things that folks should know when deciding whether to buy the game or not.

Not So MMO - Red's Recommendations For Family Night

Red Thomas lists out some of his favorite boardgames for families stuck at home. Turn that apocalyptic panic into just another family night with board games around the table!

Red’s Recommendations for Digital Family Night

Red Thomas lists out some of his favorite video games for families stuck at home. Turn that apocalyptic panic into just another family night with digital diversions. The best part is that you can even include nonlocal members of the extended family.

Red's Read: Scythe - A Near Miss

Red Thomas checks out Scythe via the Steam Store. Having played the tabletop version, Red talks about his experiences with the digital option and whether or not you should consider adding Scythe to your virtual collection.

Red's Read On RimWorld - Royalty

Red Thomas takes a look at Royalty the sudden and unexpected expansion for RimWorld. How does it enhance the game and is it worth adding to the library? Red gives his thoughts and early experiences with the new expansion.

Massive, Online, and Divided

Red Thomas explores the state of MMOs and the seeming divide between what he likes and what some of the younger gamers seem to like. Are the Millennials ruining our games? Red walks through a few things he’s noticed while online with a few younger gamers and what differences might be there.

Stardew Valley...With Kids!

It turns out that MMOs aren’t the anticipated hit with kids that Red Thomas had expected, but he’s found a game that he and the kids have both enjoyed. Red talks about Stardew Valley and how it’s a game that should be in your library if you have young gamers in the family.

The Elder Scrolls Online...With Kids!

Red Thomas hauls his nephew into Elder Scrolls Online in order to please his readers. Red discusses his nephew’s first real experience with an MMO and some of the challenges readers might run into while introducing kids to a similar game.

Return To The Elder Scrolls Online

Red Thomas returns to Elder Scrolls Online for what may be the first time since release. Has the game changed enough to find his interest? Red digs into what he likes about the game so far and what concerns him going forward.

Unsung at PAX

Red Thomas talks about a part of PAX that often flies under the radar and notes how some booths at PAX are too close to the feels for comfort. PAX is all about fun, but there’s a serious side to it that flies past a lot of folks.

EVERSPACE 2: Hands-on at PAX South

Red Thomas drives all the way across town to get his hands on the EVERSPACE 2 demo at PAX South. After slogging through tense San Antonio traffic patterns and fighting through the hordes gathered around the convention center, Red gives readers some of his early thoughts about the game.

New World vs The Lord of the Rings

Red Thomas explores what we know about Amazon’s excursion into the MMO genre and what New World might signify for future games from the company. Red also explores the timeline of what we know surrounding the new Lord of the Rings project and who that may or may not matter to New World.

For the King…With Kids!

Red Thomas introduces a niece and nephew to For the King and attempts an online boardgame experience with the kids. To understand how this game might be a great introduction to other opportunities for remote-based family time, read on!

Red's Seven Games for 2020

Red Thomas discusses seven games he’ll be watching in 2020. Will it be a good year for RPG fans, or will we be facing a year of slim pickings? Red outlines his thoughts on several upcoming games and gives specific nods to those he feels will have the largest impact on the future of gaming.

Red's Read on MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

Red Thomas picks on the small kid at school and gives some of his thoughts on MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries. Red pulls few punches as he explores where the game is now, where it might go, and what things are standing in the way of what he’d like to see.