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The Official MMORPG.com Review

PlaneShift has been around the block a few times. As Atomic Core holds true to its word, PS is an MMORPG that strives to be everything it can be for Role-Players. Open-sourced, and sandbox to the core, is it a game worth playing? That might depend on what you're looking for.

Our Official Dark Legends Review

The official title of this review is: "Dark Legends Official review: Fang-tastic or Plagued By Mis-Stakes?" We've got a lot to share on that score so settle in for a good read. Played Dark Legends? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Game Update 1.2 – Legacy Preview

We recently had the opportunity to head onto the Star Wars: The Old Republic PTS to check out v1.2 which is set to hit live servers later this month. During our time in game, we learned more about the Legacy System. See what we discovered and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.

The Official Luvinia Online Review

In our latest review, we take a look at Outspark's Luvinia Online. Read on to find out if we "luv" it after we put it through its paces. Played LO? Let us know what you thought in the comments.

Our Official Drakensang Online Review

Drakensang Online has a lot of folks interested in playing with its literary tie-in as well as its Diablo-like game play. We've been putting Drakensang Online through its paces. See how it did in our official review.

The Written World Preview

The Written World is not your run of the mill MMO. As the name implies, story is the key ingredient. We've got a first-look preview of The Written World, something that storytellers and fans of lore will definitely want to check out.

Our Age of Empires Online Review

The Age of Empires franchise has long been a favorite of strategy fans. When Age of Empires Online debuted, fans of both MMOs and strategy games rejoiced. Does the game live up to his vaunted pedigree? Find out in our official Age of Empires review.

The Official MMORPG.com Spiral Knights Review

Spiral Knights is one of those games that is curiously addictive and seems as if it's a game where players can while away some enjoyable hours. See how it measures up over the long haul. Played Spiral Knights? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

Nadirim: The Indie Beast from the East

In the latest MMORPG.com review, we take a look at the browser-based game, Nadirim. See why we call it the "indie beast from the East" and then let us know what you think in the comments.