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You Can Never Go Back to WoW Again

It’s the time of the year traditionally that people don’t care about anything. Everything interesting has happened, and there hasn’t been long enough for people to get their act together and stop going to the gym.

Early Access to the Future

Hello and welcome to 2016. It’s great here in the future, there are flying cars and special programs to rehabilitate reddit users into society. Also, videogames are never released anymore, staying instead in a constant state of development. It’s wonderful, there’s no more disappointment as every day we remind ourselves how much potential all the games have. All is well, remember to increase your pledge amount for exclusive bonuses at release!

A Movie Came Out

Sometimes I like to write about something that has little or nothing to do with videogames, and then explain why actually it’s just like videogames. Sometimes I link a topic directly to a feature of MMOs, if I’m feeling especially smart.

Who Wants to Log In to Become a Millionaire?

If you’re the type of person who reads the MMO news, and since you’re here it’s a pretty safe bet, you’ve heard that Zenimax is offering the chance to win one million dollars just for logging into The Elder Scroll Online: Tamriel Unlimited (if you live in the right place, but that’s another story).

Paul Nadin: My Letter to MMO Santa

Every year we get a little bit older, and the weight of responsibility of being a grown-up makes it harder to really get into the spirit of the season. That’s why this year I have decided to take a break from being an adult and make a list of unreasonable demands after having done nothing to deserve them.If these demands are not met, I will make a fuss and sulk all day.

Demon Hunting in Alpha

You are not prepared for my first impressions of the Demon Hunter! A new World of Warcraft expansion is like our Olympics, or the World Cup. Every few years it swings around and becomes all consuming, until we forget about it a few months after the fact. Some of us, at least.

Why Twitch Needs Bob Ross

I was surprised that Twitch were putting on a marathon of The Joy of Painting, on the surface it seems so anathema to what Twitch is all about. Having said that, I wasn’t surprised at its initial popularity. The idea had tons of novelty for the usual twitch crowd, and the show is earnest enough that it makes for an easy target for that schoolboy ‘my first ironic detachment’ attitude that the videogame audience is so bound to.

Its Third Chance at a First Impression - Can It Still Impress?

The day has finally come and servers are live for the Black Desert Online NA/EU Alpha for the first time. For Lock, however, this will be the third chance at a first impression. Can Black Desert still impress?

First Impressions with LockSixTime

Lock jumps into the open beta of Elite Lord of Alliance, a charming and surprisingly deep ARPG.

Ingress - A Truly Virtual World

Today, Paul “LockSixTime” Nadin stops making videos and streaming for a brief moment to get a bit personal and talk about a recent move, and the idea that our own world may be the best MMO of all someday.

LockSixTime - Metal Gear Solid V Puts MMO Housing to Shame

Sometimes Lock plays games that aren't MMOs, but he still thinks about MMOs the whole time. Metal gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain got him thinking about player housing in MMOs.

LockSixTime Says - MMObile Revisited

The conditions are nearly right for the first MMO Mobile to really take off, Lock thinks that Pokémon GO might have what it takes to be the next phenomenon.

Hands On Berserker/Daredevil

While my heart will always belong to the Chronomancer, I allowed my eye to wander a little for this most recent Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Beta Event.

Mortal Online - Sandbox on Steam!

With so much going on in the world of AAA, Lock takes some time away from the hype-super-carriers to hop into the Steam release of Mortal Online.

LockSixTime  - HoT Take on Guild Wars 2 Raids

Three years ago ArenaNet convinced us that an MMORPG didn't need raids, now we're getting them. In this video, Lock wonders if the house that Guild Wars built has what it takes to pull off the mythical non-trinity raiding. Read more about GW2: http://www.mmorpg.com Subscribe to Lock! - http://www.youtube.com/locksixtime Need a new PC? - http://www.maingear.com