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April 2016
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January 2017
Reviewing the Open Beta

If a MOBA and the original Orcs Must Die! had an illegitimate love child, Orcs Must Die! Unchained! would undoubtedly be the product of that union. For fans of Orcs Must Die! and Orcs Must Die 2!, this may seem like blasphemy of the highest sort, a defiling of an already amazing game. What were the developers of Robot Entertainment thinking pairing these two up? Have they gone mad?

Littered with Too Many Issues to Become a Browser Star

Browser-based visual stunner or automated, poorly translated flop? We take a crack at Eternal Chaos, PlayWebGames brand new release, and see if this free-to-play game is worth opening your browser for.

Dead Star Review - Making Its Mark in the MOBA Genre

Dead Star, a top-down, multiplayer PvP shoot ‘em up style game, attempts to make its mark in the world of MOBAs. Using ships instead of characters and a classic arcade game feel, can this game manage to stand out in a crowd or does it stay true to its name and transform into another dead star?

Incursions Taps into a Tidbit of the Game's Full Potential

Incursion, the brand new patch for Tom Clancy's The Division, has invaded the game. This new patch introduces a plethora of new content including Assignments, new gear, Dark Zone Supply Drops, and of course the new raid-like incursion; Falcon Lost. In a game often faulted for its lack of end game content and worthwhile rewards, is Patch 1.1 enough to silence the naysayers?