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September 2009
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Guild Wars 2 - It's Not Over

As you know, Guild Wars 2, hasn’t had the best news recently with all the layoffs and restructuring. Along with myself a ton of other people we haven’t given up hope on the game we cherish. ANet has reassured us that development will continue. We have a glimmer of hope in these sad times. When I first read the news, I was heartbroken. These people who I have come to know and see their vision come to life, gone.

Guild Wars 2: Jack of All Trades

As I’ve adventured in Tyria, made some alts, and fiddled with some builds I’ve come to realize there is really no wrong way to play Guild Wars 2. I know that is a loaded statement and let me clarify. Casual play is the best way for me to approach Guild Wars. I login, do a couple of quests and zones, do some crafting and logout. No pressure at all. Meet some great people, and genuinely enjoy myself. Not something I can say about MMORPGs lately.

Elder Scrolls Online - Staying Relevant

Let’s be honest for a minute. The MMORPG market is pretty stagnant at the moment, we have some new MMORPGs coming out in the near future and far future depending on how you want to look at it. With all the hype surrounding new games coming out and with the market being somewhat boring, what can Elder Scrolls Online do to keep relevant?

Guild Wars 2: It's Not All Perfect...

I try to remind myself that no game is perfect. It sucks, I know it does. We try to find the perfect match; the perfect game and it all comes up short in the end. So, we try to find the game that has the least number of flaws and so far, Guild Wars 2 has the least number of flaws so far. I must throw that “so far” in there because I still feel that I haven’t even scratched the surface of the game.

The Cycle Continues

Wolfhunter is upon us, and I am excited about all that it brings to the game. Two new dungeons are available to run, Moonhunter Keep and March of Sacrifices. As always, these dungeons bring new gear for us to obtain. A new battleground is available to play as well, the past couple of weeks I have been really getting back into PvP and battlegrounds has expedited that addiction.

The Journey So Far

Since returning to Guild Wars 2, I have had a lot of fun on the journey to end-game. I’ve really learned a lot about what I enjoy about MMORPGs and what I don’t enjoy while playing this game. I’ve been dabbling into more activities in this game than I have in any other game, period. I’ve enjoyed the majority of my journey so far and in this article, I would like to go over everything so far. Let’s begin, shall we?

Choose Your Path

As a person who works a job with varying shifts and typically long hours, I love how I can just jump into Guild Wars 2 and not worry about playing catch up. Anyways, enough talk about that. I wanted to discuss a couple of things this time around. Let’s start out with a pretty big concept: Progression.

It's About That Grind

Let’s all face it, we live and die on the daily grind of MMORPGs. Whether we are grinding levels, champion points or trying to get that set complete we are living the dream of the grind. Some love it, some hate it and some of us are just in-between. In the world of Tamriel we are still slaves to the grind but it’s not all bad in the end. Let’s talk about it, shall we? Sit down and grab some popcorn.

The Calm After the Storm

With Summerset being released and everyone enjoying the new content, we have news of more content coming down the road with the newest DLCs announced. Wolfhunter and Murkmire. As much as I like the design of Wolfhunter, I am more excited for Murkmire because of the story content. There hasn’t been an official date announced for these two packs but I am sure we will hear about them more as time goes by, so let’s focus on what we have now: Summerset Isles.

It's a Completionist Thing

It’s an odd feeling really. Even in single-player games I have never been a completionist. I have always done side quests here and there while mainly focusing on the core of the game. I complete maybe 50-70% of each zone before moving on either from boredom or due to simply wanting to complete the game or the part of the story I am on.

Community Counts

I can safely say after spending more time in the land of Tyria, I found myself having more and more of an enjoyable experience with Guild Wars 2. Although it is for different reasons than I thought it would be and that’s not a bad thing at all. In my all time playing MMORPGs I mainly looking for a couple of things,: one of those things that play probably the most important part to me is : Community.

It's Not All Perfect

I’m sure I am not alone in this: Whenever I play a game I think to myself as I play, what would I change or what would I do differently? I’ve done this countless of times with Elder Scrolls Online. By no means, I’m not a game designer or a professional developer but I always think of how I could enjoy the game more or change something I dislike. In this article, I would like to discuss with you all what I would change or tweak. As much as I do love the game, nothing is ever perfect.

Further Thoughts on Summerset

ESO’s latest expansion is roaring along on the PTS, and this week I’m continuing my thoughts on the new content. As I continued to delve deeper into Summerset and all its new chapter glory, I felt overall my satisfaction peaked. I don’t mean that in a negative way, in fact I am happy at where it peaked. I’m overall happy with how Summerset came and how it was designed. With that being said, let’s go into a little more detail this time on what made the journey as fun as it has been.

First Impressions of Summerset

Oh boy! I’ve been enjoying the Summerset Beta, I won’t be talking about everything that I have done so far since we don’t have enough time for that. Instead, I really want to talk about things that have caught my eye and what I’ve done most.

GW2 Has Stolen My Heart

Ever since Guild Wars 2 was released, I have tried countless times for the game just to click with me. I really couldn’t tell you how many times I have tried. Most of the time I admit, it would be my fault. Other games came around and the game just sort of started to collect dust. But then Heart of Thorns clicked with me.