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Destiny 2: The Final Shape Wants to Close The Curtains With A Bang

Bungie gave players a first look at Destiny 2: The Final Shape's gameplay and a lot of players were blown away by what the developers have been cooking. Kanishka breaks it down and looks ahead to the future of the live service shooter.

Best TV Shows and Movies You Need to Watch as an MMORPG Player

With the recent success of Amazon's Fallout TV show, we considered the other video game adaptations--especially those with an MMO slant--we can recommend. Here are 11 of the best TV shows and movies every MMORPG player should check out.

Beta Impressions: Wuthering Waves: Can It Take Genshin Impact's Throne?

As Gensihn continues to rake in money, another anime-inspired multiplayer RPG is set to take to the market: Wuthering Waves. Kanishka takes a look at the upcoming game after its recent beta test to see if it has what it takes to contest Genshin for its throne atop the market.

The Finals is Possibly The Most Innovative Multiplayer FPS Title in Years

Kanishka examines The Finals, which just entered its latest season, and explains why it might be the most innovative multiplayer FPS in years.

How Last Epoch Breaks The Casual vs Hardcore ARPG Mold

Last Epoch is the latest ARPG on the scene, and Kanishka has taken a look at how the MMOARPG takes the middle ground between hardcore and casual systems, especially compared to its competition.

Helldivers 2 Proves You Don't Need FOMO to Thrive in The Live Service Market

2024 has been quite the year for games already, and one game that doesn't seem to be slowing down is Helldivers 2, which proves you don't need FOMO to thrive in today's market.

10 Things You Need to Do Before Destiny 2: The Final Shape Drops

With Destiny 2's The Final Shape not due out till June, now is a perfect time to drop into Bungie's online looter shooter to prep. Here are ten ways every Destiny 2 player can prepare for The Final Shape.

Starting Destiny 2 in 2024? Here Are All the Essentials for Every New Light

Starting Destiny 2 in 2024? As you start your journey and get ready for The Final Shape this year, check out some tips from on how to get started as a New Light.

Can Zenless Zone Zero Become Hoyoverse's Third Hit in a Row?

With Zenless Zone Zero set to release in 2024, HoYoverse is hoping its got its third global hit on its hands. Fresh off the heels of its recent closed beta, Kanishka takes a look at the game as it stands now and tries to answer whether or not ZZZ could be a sleeper hit.

Tarisland Closed Beta Impressions: A Bumpy Start With Red Flags

Tarisland had a lot of hype surrounding it, and we had to give the Closed Beta Test a try. However, while Kanishka dives into the good of Tarisland, there are also some red flags to consider when playing Tencent's upcoming PC and Mobile MMO.

SWTOR Chains in the Dark: The Five Biggest Things We Are Looking Forward To

Star Wars: The Old Republic's Public Test Servers are now live following the recent developer livestream, and if you want to check out some of the new content that will arrive in update 7.4, you can participate in the test right now. Here are five of the biggest things we're looking forward to in the update.

The Quinfall: Taking A Closer Look At The Developer's Gameplay Claims And 'Largest Open World'

The Quinfall is an upcoming MMORPG whose developers boasts is the "largest open world" we have ever seen. Kaniskha looks at the developer's gameplay promises and claims in this editorial.

Warframe: Abyss of Dagath Impressions: A Top Notch Update

The Abyss of Dagath mainline update for Warframe is now live and there's a ton of content to unpack. Kanishka took the new frame and put it and the new content through its paces.

The Best Looter Shooters to Play Right Now 

Looter shooters offer the perfect mix of loot-based progression that you would typically find in ARPGs and combine it with modern FPS combat. Here are our top recommendations if you are looking to jump into one right now.

Destiny 2: Season of the Witch is a Step in the Right Direction by Bungie

Destiny 2's Season of the Witch has come to an end, and Kanishka looks at why it might be what redeems the Lightfall era's mediocre start in his latest.