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Is Nightingale on Steam Deck?

Playing any game on the Steam Deck is downright revolutionary. But is Nightingale available to play on Steam Deck, and how does it run?

Nightingale: What is a Major Realm Card?

One of the most essential mechanics in Nightingale revolves around the Fae Realms and Realm Cards. Here is everything we know about Major Realm Cards in Nightingale.

Nightingale: How Do Portal Cards Work?

Here's how to use and acquire Portal Cards in the co-op survival game Nightingale.

Is There PvP in Nightingale?

The survival genre seems to attract a specific type of player, as many of the best enjoy some sort of PvP. Does Nightingale have PvP?

What is a Nightingale Biome Card?

Nightingale's portal-hopping mechanic is fueled by cards, which determine how a realm will play out. But just what are biome cards in Nightingale? Check out our guide.