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Garrick is a doting father of two and devoted husband. When he's not busy playing Final Fantasy XIV, he can usually be found drifting between a dozen different MMOs. His favorite game of all time is Diablo II and he is trepidatiously excited for Diablo IV.

January 2009
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Dragon's Dogma 2: A Masterclass in Exploration and Adventure

Dragon's Dogma 2 delivers an immersive RPG adventure with its vast world and polished combat, complemented by a revamped Pawn system for enhanced camaraderie. With extensive character customization and dynamic gameplay, it stands as a masterclass in exploration and adventure.

THE FINALS: The Final Preview

As we approach the final showdown of THE FINALS, this is the final chance to share our final thoughts on the final outcome of this ultimate competition. This is the final preview before THE FINALS. Finally.

Sengoku Dynasty Early Access Impressions

Sengoku Dynasty has a lot to enjoy so far and it has only just been released in Early Access. What sets it apart most is the relaxing gameplay loop, but after 16 hours I wish it offered a bit more for its Early Access.

HONGO 16.1 inch, 144Hz, 1080p Portable Monitor

If you're looking for a quality display to tackle an eclectic range of uses, this 16.1" 144Hz 1080p monitor is an easy recommendation

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Review - The RPG Files

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is beautiful and offers engaging combat, but suffers some setbacks when compared to Team Ninja's previous works. Here is our full review.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Review in Progress

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty by Team Ninja is exactly like ancient Chinese calligraphy art. We can admire it for the artistic expressions and talent shown in the fluid lines and subtle angles of their brushwork; just ignore all the rough edges.

Wild Hearts Review

WILD HEARTS tries to emulate the success of Monster Hunter by putting their own spin on things. What sets it apart from its inspiration is the ability to construct on-the-go mechanisms, or karakuri, during hunts.

Honkai: Star Rail Final Closed Beta Impressions

Honkai: Star Rail takes the fantastical adventure of Genshin Impact and blasts off into the stars. In the last closed beta leading up to launch, here are our thoughts on the upcoming turn-based Sci-Fi RPG.

RuneScape Fresh Start Worlds Tour

The Fresh Start Worlds offer an enticing entry-point for new players to get into the game, or for veterans to just start over fresh

The First Descendant Preview

What if you mashed Destiny 2 and Outriders together? That's The First Descendant in a nutshell.

Vertagear PL4800 Gaming Chair Review

The PL4800 shows off a lot of Vertagear's latest technology such as their trademarked ContourMax Lumbar, the VertaAir seat, and HygennX material.

The RPG Files: Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Review

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 released on Nintendo Switch on July 29th and since then we've been putting the hulking JRPG through its paces. Check out Garrick's thoughts on more than 100 hours in the world of Aionios.

The RPG Files: Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Review in Progress

After spending a mere 12-hours learning what's new and different, here are my initial impressions of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

New Vertagear 800 Series Gaming Chair Announced

The Vertagear 800 Series gaming chairs feature their patent-pending CountourMax and VertaAir Seats, available to preorder now.

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II on PC Review

Dark Alliance II has been remastered and re-released for PC and consoles including the PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X systems. So what's been updated after nearly 20 years since its original launch?