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February 2004
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Lowering the Bar

This week, Casual Play's Steve Wilson talks about the idea of certain games "lowering the bar" for what we expect from an MMORPG.

Casual PvP Still Has Some Kinks

Staff Writer Steve Wilson returns with his Casual Play column. This week, he looks at PvP for the casual player.

MMOs Could Learn A Lesson From GTA

Steve Wilson returns this week with his Casual Play column. Today, he tackles the successes of Grand Theft Auto, and looks at what the MMO industry could have learned from that hit game.

World vs. Game 2: In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Steve Wilson continues his short series on the world vs. game debate by taking a look at his second game, Star Wars Galaxies.

World vs. Game and the Worst Casual MOG Ever

Steve Wison returns with his Weekly Casual Play column. This week, Steve weighs in on the world vs. game debate with a look back at his experiences in the original Ultima Online.

Happy Anniversary... Belated

This week's Casual Play sees Steve Wilson exploring the notion of Sony Online Entertainment's Sony Exchange and what it means for the average casual player.

This Notion of Work

This week, Steve Wilson tells us about the Casual Gamer's perception of MMORPGs as work.

More of the Same

Steve Wilson returns this week to talk a little bit more about the topic that seems to be on the mind of many Casual Gamers, The Burning Crusade. Wilson gives us a breakdown of what this game has to offer a non-hardcore audience.

A Guild Too Far

Steve Wilson's weekly column, Casual Play, follows the MMO thoughs of a non-hardcore player as he addresses the genre from that perspective. This week, he tackles Guilds in a column called "A Guild Too Far".

A Niche Called Roleplaying

Steve Wilson birngs back his Casual Play column and takes a good, hard look at roleplaying form an outsider's point of view.

WoW Dishes Out Casual Epics

Our chronic casual gamer Steve Wilson returbns this week with his weekly column. This time around, he;'s talking about World of Warcraft and the bility of casual players to gain epic gear.

Lowbies of the World Unite

Steve Wilson returns with his Casual Play column. This week, Steve talks about the "lowbie experience", not playing to max level, but playing a variety of characters to mid-level in an MMO.

Solo Content Builds Communities

Staff Writer Steve Wilson returns this week to discuss the ways that adding solo content to an MMORPG can expand communities, and not shrink them.

Casual Play Column: Raiding Needs to Die

In his weekly Casual Play column, Steve Wilson laments the use of raid content as an end-game for many MMORPGs.

What Makes WoW Dumb?

Dumbed down, but can it still be fun?