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Edwin is a freelance writer that can't keep his nose away from the latest bits of internet news--beware of dangling any in front of his face! As an avid MMORPG fan, Edwin often gazes mournfully at the stack of games that's gathering dust in lieu of spending time in other worlds.

November 2014
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November 2014
Ironic Lessons that WoW can Learn from FFXIV

I’ll be the first to admit my skepticism about Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. First impressions can be everything in the subscription MMORPG space—almost fatally so for some. Embed the idea that a title has no future and it’s game-over. The original FFXIV was such a disaster with a plethora of well-documented and extensive faults that many predicted that even a free-to-play conversion wouldn’t save it.

The Mass RNG Effect

World of Warcraft is much like walking into a Las Vegas casino; each zone, dungeon, or battleground being its own pocket dimension divorced from reality and filled with scenic grandeur and the promise of wealth. Except for when such promises are at the mercy of pitiless random-number-generators (RNG).

Limited Time Only

We’ve all seen the signs before: ‘limited time only’ the words say, usually with a McDonald’s McRib sandwich plastered on it. We dismiss the idea of a ‘limited time only’ experience. Holiday events come along like the seasons they represent and we don’t truly find it devastating if we missed out—it will all come back next year. However, what if a feature, a paid one, was truly here for a limited time only… should players be punished for the lack of participation?