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Carolyn Koh / Carolyn Koh has been writing for MMORPG.com since 2004 and about the MMO genre since 1999. These days she plays mobile RTS games more, but MMOs will always remain near and dear to her heart.

January 2006
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Checking Out the Buzz as It Takes the Korean Market by Storm

A mobile American MOBA, Vainglory is taking the Korean market by storm. Starr writer Carolyn Koh visits with Super Evil Megacorp to find out what all the noise is about.

PAX Indie Game Round-Up Part Three

In this final installation of the Indie Game Roundup, Staff Writer Carolyn Koh explores more likely looking RPGs and a couple logic puzzles – just because.

PAX Prime 2015 Indie Round-Up Part One

In a three part series, our staff writer Carolyn Koh takes a look at some of the many Indie games to be found at PAX. Starting with two very different RPGS, Dragon Fin Soup and Guild of Dungeoneering.

Call of Champions - Spacetime Goes All-Out with MOBA Best Practices

At PAX 2015, writer Carolyn Koh got to meet up with Spacetime Studios CEO Gary Gattis to get a look at their new bite-sized mobile MOBA Call of Champions launching on iOS and Android, and get some hands-on time in beta.

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below

Our “Old Auntie Gamer” aka “Old-School Pong PC gal” gets a hands-on session with this popular Japanese console game at PAX and calls it good.

Chronoblade - A Balanced & Polished Mobile Version Headed Our Way

Our intrepid PAX team met with Taehoon Kim, CEO of nWay and Steig Hedlund, Vice President, Creative on day two of PAX Prime 2015 where we got our hands on the mobile version of Chronoblade and editor Bill Murphy fan-boied over sitting next to Steig.

Duty of Heroes: A Barely-There Boobilicious MMO

Duty of Heroes is a light RPG and barely there MMO set in a generic fantasy world complete with Merlin, beautiful boobilicious elves, barely dressed female characters, orcs, undead and cherry-on-topped with poor localization. It is a port of a free to play FaceBook type time management game with an RPG theme.

Everything’s for Sale on the Kings Road

The iOS port of Kings Road brings this action RPG game to the mobile platform. It is marginally an MMO as there is a town square, guild functions and group play. A linear game, skills and features (blacksmith, alchemist, banker) open up as you play as well as getting spammed with items to buy every time you set foot in town – which is at log-in and at quest completion.

Steven Universe: Attack of the Light Hands On Preview

Steven Universe: Attack of the Light was the 2nd of the Cartoon Network Games I had hands-on time with at PAX Prime. In case you are unfamiliar with this cartoon as I was, the universe is protected by a group of intergalactic women warriors known as the Crystal Gems who draw on the powers of special gems embedded in their bodies to summon magical weapons. They are Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl. Where does Steven come in?

Adventure Time: Game Wizard - A Nifty Platformer with a Bonus

When Cartoon Network / Adult Swim was on the schedule at PAX Prime, I was surprised to say the least, and swapped my hardware appointment for it. I was curious to see what shenanigans the dynamic duo Bill and Garrett were up to, to schedule kid’s games to be previewed.

Magicka: It’s not Hack'n'Slash… It’s Spells'n'Flash!

What it’s not – an MMO. What it is – a super fun dungeon crawler you can play with up to four friends. Be warned… there is friendly fire.

Mirror, Mirror

At PAX, the Devs were excited and stoked about the season finale the previous night on SyFy, where there were drastic results in the show and in the game world. Defiance the game has been a successful massive cross-over with the Sy-Fy television series with the developers of the game and the writers of the show working closely together.


Trion is taking on Minecraft and SoE’s Landmark with their own brand of sandbox cuteness with Trove, a voxel building multiplayer, online sandbox MMORPG. Graphically more akin to Minecraft than Landmark, Trove provides a different color of sandbox for players that enjoy the building game with some fighting, collecting and crafting thrown in for the fun of it. We got some time with the title at PAX to discuss the recent additions and upcoming closed beta.

It's Us Against Zombies

Senior Designer Jimmy Whisenhunt was pretty sure about what he wanted for SOE's upcoming Zombie apocalypse survival MMO, H1Z1. “It’s got to make sense,” he said, “the game design has to be accessible and logical.”

Launch is Coming, At Long Last

ArcheAge is not exactly unknown around these parts, but to much of the larger gaming world XLGAMES' and Trion's ArcheAge still has a lot to prove. And the time has finally come to do so. We met up with the team at PAX Prime in Seattle to discuss the forthcoming launch of the long-awaited sandbox MMORPG.