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January 2022
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Beyond The Wire Is A Cool, World War 1 Multiplayer Sim Struggling To Find Players To Go Over The Top

Beyond the Wire aims to be a full squad multiplayer experience that brings you into the horrors of World War 1. However, those horrors are somewhat muted thanks to the fact that the player count isn't where it should be.

Multiplayer Combat Sim Squad Impressions: Creating Memorable Experiences One Round At A Time

Squad, the tactical multiplayer shooter from Offworld Industries, recently released their Amphibious Assault update. Shane checks it out to see how the combat sim stacks up and whether it brings memorable moments, or whether it's more complicated than it's worth.

The Cycle: Frontier Early Access Impressions

Raid shooter The Cycle: Frontier launched into early access earlier this month, and Shane has been giving it a spin. How does it stack up early on in its life? Check out our early access impressions.

Black Holes and Space Turnips, an Elite Dangerous Exploration Overview

The launch of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey brought about some turmoil for the community surrounding the game, following months and months of bug fixes and tuning, the game returned to a normal state. With this return to normality, many players wonder, what are the most exciting ways to play Elite? Exploration, maybe?

Lasers, Plasma And Multi-Cannons - A Look At Elite Dangerous Odyssey's Combat

With last year's release of Elite Dangerous Odyssey, the space MMO has seen its fair share of issues. However, we turn our attention to the combat this time, as the addition of on-foot missions and action has added a new element to the MMO. How does it fare, especially compared to ship-based combat almost a year after its release?