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February 2009
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January 2015
Roleplay Series - Second Life Gor

Second Life, by its very dynamic nature, makes for a great foundation for roleplayers of all shapes and sizes. MMORPG.com Second Life Correspondent David Greene writes this look at the Gor roleplaying community within Linden's virtual world.

Talking to the Weather Makers

MMORPG.com Second Life Correspondent David Greene, better known in the Second Life community as Arra Jinx, writes this interview with Garrin Guffey and Marilina Antonioni, weather systems designers in Linden Labs' Second Life.

Bare Rose Design

We keep hearing about people that have successful businesses in Second Life. Today, MMORPG.com's Second Life expect David Greene talks to the folks from Bare Rose Design, a popular in-game clothing designer, about their experiences.

An Interview with SpaceJunky

Second Life is an MMO like no other. Not so much a game as a virtual world, the Linden Labs experiment mirrors the real-world in many ways, including up and coming musical acts. MMORPG.com Second Life expert David Greene (known in game as Arra Jinx) sits down with Shakti Cianci of the band SpaceJunky to talk about Second Life, the band and how it call comes together.

A Look at Land Prices

New MMORPG.com Second Life Correspondent David Greene writes this look at land prices in Linden Labs' Second Life