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March 2017
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September 2017
Adventures in ESO Episode 2

After 10+ years of racing through MMOs, I’m finally playing my first MMO for the story and content. With everything I was told about The Elder Scrolls Online and it’s expansive content. This is episode 2.

Adventures In The Elder Scrolls Online - Episode 1

Join Avery as he dives into ESO for the first time in this new column series. Join him as he plays ESO not for the PvP, which has been his main focus in MMOs for over 10 years, but rather to take in a good story and the scenery along the way.

Black Desert Online - Farming Up Gear

Avery takes you on the next part of his Black Desert Online journey, as he and his friends start to understand how the BDO grind works. Check out his latest column on the popular MMO.

Experiencing Black Desert Online For The First Time

Join Avery as he starts his journey in the world of Black Desert Online, breaking down his experiences in the popular MMORPG in a new bi-weekly column. This week - first impressions of the MMO.