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Longtime games journalist and Florida resident. I'm a Guinness World Record holder, wordsmith extraordinaire, JRPG fan, devoted dad and husband. I'm here to spread the gospel of video games

March 2022
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Persona 3 Reload Review: A Remake That Persona Fans Can't Miss

In an industry where remakes and remasters are far from rare, Persona 3 Reload is an absolute masterclass on the idea.

Palworld Early Access Review

Josh has spent the last ten days fully immersed in Palworld. What's our verdict on the early access, possibly legally ambiguous creature collecting game? Check out our Early Access Review.

Palworld - Early Access Review In Progress

Palworld is taking the internet by storm, but how do legally ambiguous pocket monsters hold up overall? Check out our review in progress.

Fortnite is about to become a real MMO with LEGO Fortnite, and it blows my mind

Fortnite and LEGO have revealed a cross-over that is taking the battle royale to a whole new level. LEGO Fortnite looks like it's going to be a legit survival MMO, and it has Josh rather excited.

Endless Dungeon Review - Side Quests

Endless Dungeon attempts to marry the concepts of roguelike progression, isometric twin-stick shooters, tower defense, and run-of-the-mill escort missions into one appealing package. Josh takes you through the two experiences he had running Endless Dungeon in our review.

15 Games To Keep An Eye On During Steam Next Fest

Steam Next Fest is ongoing, with demos for many games available to check out on the PC platform. Here are 15 games that Josh thinks deserve a look during the digital event.

Gotham Knights Review - The RPG Files

Gotham Knights is coming out this week after multiple delays, but did the extra time help it achieve greatness? Learn more in our review.

Cougar DH07 and DH10 USB-C Docking Stations Review

We take a look at Cougar's high-end USB-C hubs. Can they keep up in the on-demand world of PC gaming? Find out in our review!

ASUS ROG Chakram X Review

Is the ROG Chakram X the one mouse to rule all other gaming mice? Is it easily corrupted by RGB, joystick, and extra features? Find out in our review!

The RPG Files: Elden Ring Review

Elden Ring, FromSoftware's latest "Soulsborne" game has been out for a few weeks. After more than 100 hours in the game, we're ready to give our verdict.