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Chris cut his teeth on MMOs in the late 90s with text-based MUDs. He’s written about video games for many different sites but has made MMORPG his home since 2013. Today, he acts as Hardware and Technology Editor, lead tech reviewer, and continues to love and write about games every chance he gets. Follow him on Twitter: @GameByNight

September 2009
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July 2021
Glorious GMMK Pro Keyboard Kit Review

Custom keyboards are on the rise and Glorious's GMMK Pro is here to bring them mainstream with a price of only $169.99. Is it worth a buy for gamers? Find out in our review!

Drop + HIFIMAN HE-4XX Review

Today, we're looking at one of the most acclaimed collaborations between Drop and HIFIMAN with the HE-4XX. Coming in at $180, it's open-back design is great for music and gaming alike. Is it worth a buy?

Bowers & Wilkins PI7 Review

Bowers & Wilkins is known for its luxury headphones and speakers, but what happens when it tries its hand at the true wireless market? The PI7, that's what. Coming in at $399, they don't come cheap but do they have enough to challenge the competition? Find out in our review!

Earfun Free Pro True Wireless Review

Looking for an affordable pair of ANC earbuds? At $47.99, the EarFun Free might just be for you. Find out in our review!

Drop Kicks Off Summer Sales Event: Keyboard and Headphones Deals

Drop.com is offering users the chance to save on some of its most popular products. Running until the end of July, the site is offering discounts on a wide range of mechanical keyboard and audio gear. We've covered a number of these products here over the years and wanted to share the chance to save if you've been on the fence about buying before now.

Gigabyte AORUS FV43U Review: Gigabyte's Best Yet

Gigabyte is back with it's highest-spec monitor yet. 43-inches, 4K, 144Hz, HDR1000... it's equipped with the works but is it worth $1099?

Hilidac Atom 2 MQA USB Portable DAC/Amplifier Review (with Tanchjim Tanya)

Portable HiFi. That's the promise of this tiny not-so-dongle DAC and amp. At $79.99, is this the upgrade your smartphone needs?

Thieaudio Legacy 2 Review

Looking for an affordable pair of headphones to take on the go that also sound great? Thieaudio thinks it has the answer with the new Legacy 2 in-ear monitor. Coming in at $99, find out in our review if it succeeds.

Earfun Free 2 True Wireless Review: Waterproof True Wireless Earphones!

Looking for a pair of earbuds you can take in the pool but that also deliver excellent audio and battery life? For only $49, the Earfun Free 2 might be one of the best values in true wireless. Find out in our review.

Bowers & Wilkins PX7 Carbon Edition Review

Bowers & Wilkins is one of the most respected names in high-end audio. Does its new PX7 Carbon Edition Wireless Headphones have what it takes to compete in the premium noise-canceling market? Find out in our review.

Golden Ears: Audeze LCD-GX: Exploring the $900 Gaming Headset

Welcome back to Golden Ears. Today we're looking at what may be the world's most expensive gaming headset. Coming in at $899, what does this headset have to offer that others don't?

Prevail Key Co. NK980 Mechanical Keyboard Kit Review

Are you an RGB fan? We might have found the most RGB keyboard yet with the NK980 from Prevail Key Company with the NK980 keyboard kit. Designed for newcomers, this kit comes in at $159.95 and is ready to be the showcase of your desk.

Govee Glide Wall Light Review

Looking to add some killer custom lighting to your gaming space? Govee may just have the answer and has put LIFX on notice in the process. Find out how in our review.

Bowers & Wilkins PX5 Review

Bowers & Wilkins has been a leader in luxury audio products for more than 40 years but are its wireless PX5 noise-canceling headphones worth a buy? Find out in our review!

Golden Ears: HIFIMAN Ananda

In this edition of Golden Ears, we're diving further down the audiophile rabbit hole with the HIFIMAN Ananda. At $699, they certainly fit the bill, so let's take a closer look at what makes this high-end headphone so popular.