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Profane Articles

Indie Sandbox MMO Profane Plans to Resume Playtests - Here's How to Sign Up

Profane has recently announced the return of its playtests in 2023 in their latest Discord announcement. Here's how to sign up!

Profane's August Alpha Roadmap Update Cuts a Few Features That Were 'Outdated'

Profane has just unveiled its latest alpha roadmap update for August, and it's brimming with progress updates and changes the team has concocted.

Indie MMORPG Profane Gets Wet and Wild With an Update to Their Water Visuals

Indie survival MMORPG Profane is making waves, with their latest Discord post, and not just metaphorically, but quite literally.

Profane's Roadmap Update Has Early Semisus Complete, and Devs Ask for Feedback on Trade and Economy

The Profane team has a roadmap update, with a number of changes and updates on work completed and new phases beginning.

Profane Updates Roadmap for February, Guild Systems and Death are Finally Complete

The upcoming indie fantasy MMORPG Profane has updated the roadmap to reflect the latest progress made on the game. The recent update shows some strides made in fleshing out guild systems while also inching closer to some more consistent progress with NPCs and mobs.

Profane Updates Their Alpha Roadmap for November - Gathering and Housing Are Nearly Complete

It has been a little while since Profane developers Insane Game Studio posted a roadmap depicting the games progress. In the November roadmap release, we see several items showing as complete or nearly completed, and the team has outlined exactly what their focus has been over the past few months.

Profane Previews Video of 3D Armor Sets, and Covers the Ways You'll Have to Gear Up in Your Story

With Profane, the team shows off a 3D video of gear set options, and discusses several key points, such as emphasis on skill, crafting and the importance of materials, and how you'll determine your look.

Profane Roadmap Details New Working Systems, Updated Timelines, and Progress Towards Player Tests

The July roadmap update for Profane shows several significant developments, working systems, and more on the way to planned player testing, after some intense work this month.

Profane 's Massive Whale-Like Creature Finally Has a Name, and The Team Needs Help Naming Some Crabs

The massive whale-like animal unveiled for Profane back in February now has an official name. The team is also asking for feedback and name suggestions on a new crab type creature.

Profane Previews Resources, Harvesting, and Gathering, and Competition Over Them in the Full-Loot Sandbox

The Profane team has a new preview concerning resources and gathering them, as well as their role in crafting, and their role in an open-world, full-loot sandbox.

Some Design Peeks and Info at Weapons in Action Combat MMORPG Profane

The latest preview by the team making Profane covers weapons, their attributes, potential perks, design philosophy, and even plans for weapon switching.

 Profane Shows Work in Progress on Procedural Generation and Creating Semisus

The latest preview of work in progress design from the Profane team involves an updated look at procedural generation using Instant Terra to help shape Semisus' varied biomes.

Profane Has Updated Their Roadmap for May and Things are Shaping Up!

Profane has made some great strides over the past several months. According to the latest Roadmap, a lot of the core features have been put together and integrated into the game, but it still seems like there is a lot left to go.

What You Can Expect from Profane's First Combat and Movement  Tests, and How to Apply

The Profane team has released details on what to expect from several combat tests in the coming weeks, including how you can apply to take part.

Profane Details the Portinus, Shows off New Screenshots and Says Combat Testing is 'Close'

This week, the Profane team has teased with new work in progress gameplay footage and announced that a first combat test with community involvement is "close". There's also a recent extensive preview of the freedom loving, lively Portinus people.