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    INSANE Game Studio
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Profane Overview

Profane a classless, level-less player-driven Sandbox MMORPG with skill-based combat, open and full loot PvP set in a sandbox world. Profane will give players the opportunity to build, destroy, and conquer villages, cities, and empires. NPC behavior is inspired by RTS games, dynamically spawning and growing in the game’s world. Cities created by NPCs can be evolved or destroyed by player’s actions, and players can also decide to create their own empire from scratch.

Both players and guilds will also be able to control territories, requiring those who build a kingdom to activately manage it. They can set taxation rates, rules and regulations for PvP, trade between other kingdoms, and more. Additionally, Profane will feature timers and immune timers with different layers of shield and periods of invulnerability for when players are offline.


  • Living and breathing world:  a continually changing sandbox world filled with Dynamic Adventures, NPC Factions, and more.

  • Skill-based combat system: action combat, focused on the player's skills.

  • Try new combat styles:  Try new combat styles:  as you explore the world, you might discover and collect several Elemental Skills, but the slots to equip them are limited and have a cooldown time to change.

  • No classes or levels: improve your Proficiencies as you perform them, not by assigning talent/attribute points.

  • Build: an open Building System allows you to create anything from small houses to entire cities in the open world.

  • Control: claim lands, set laws, and collect taxes while trying to keep invaders away.

  • Immersion and freedom: beware of enemies trying to steal your resources and properties.

  • Unforgiving: face the consequences of negative Karma!One massive world: servers hosted worldwide will be accessible
    to all, forming a single global map.