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Frozen Flame Closed Beta Impressions

The developers at Dreamside Interactive have created a fun and vivid world to explore with Frozen Flame. In this open-world survival RPG, there is always something new to discover. But do the other systems hold up? Find out in Kevin's closed beta impressions.

Not So MMO: Far Cry 6 Preview

Far Cry 6 is gearing up for its release this October and we had the chance to go hands on with the first person shooter. Co-op is coming to Far Cry, giving players a whole new way to experience the iconic playground, all the whileworking towards stopping Anton Castillo from brutally subjugating his people. How does the experience stack up thus far?

Riders Republic is the Best Extreme Sports Multiplayer Online Game by a Steep Margin

Whether you're an old fan of extreme sports like myself, or you've just been cooped up in the house too long over the course of the ongoing pandemic, Riders Republic provides a virtual breath of fresh air to the MMORPG genre. In Riders Republic you'll be able to take to the air, the trails, and some fresh powder with a series of extreme activities, but not everything is a shredders paradise. Check out our beta impressions.

Not So MMO: Godfall: Fire & Darkness Preview

Godfall released last year on PlayStation 5 and PC, bringing a technical showcase to the new console, as well as the concept of a "looter slasher" from Counterplay Games. Now, with the Lightbringer update and the first expansion, Fire & Darkness, Mitch descends into the Fire Realm to put the new content through its paces.

New World Beta Impressions: Questing Needs A Bit Of Work

New World's closed beta has been in full swing since July 20th, and tens of thousands of players have landed in Aeternum waging war, skinning turkeys and more. One aspect of New World that has been frustrating though, more than others at least to Bradford, are the quests you can undertake in Amazon's MMO.

Neverwinter Jewel of the North Preview

We got hands-on with Neverwinter's new Bard Class in the Jewel of the North module and spoke with Randy Mosiondz, Lead Designer, on some of the changes coming soon.

New World Preview: Outpost Rush And The Lazarus Instrumentality

This past week we had the chance to go hands on with New World's endgane activities: Outpost Rush and one of the late-game Expeditions, the Lazarus Instrumentality. How do these fare as New World transitions to Closed Beta this week? Read on for our thoughts!

Aion Classic Review In Progress - Week 2

This past week I've been able to experience Aion Classic as a 'free trial' player. Come see how Aion Classic's decision to bring back the original subscription affects players that don't want to, or can't, pay.

Marvel Future Revolution Preview - The Future Is Now

Last week Marvel Games and Netmarble executives held a virtual press tour to give the media some insights into the team's next mobile Marvel game. Here is our preview of the forthcoming Marvel Future Revolution.

Crowfall Beta First Impressions

With so many games attempting to innovate their respective genres, the MMORPG has been in need of some serious love and attention in recent years. Thankfully we've moved past the age of every new title needing to be the next "WOW killer", and have instead progressed to a time where MMO's are more interested in creating something new rather than the same thing but "better." Matt took a look at Crowfall in the most recent beta test.

E3 2021: Falling Frontier Is Space-Faring Strategy From The Mind Of A Single Developer

When we hear "developed by a single person," we expect to see something on a smaller scale, perhaps a simple design and basic gameplay. We don't expect to see a gigantic, procedurally generated space strategy game with hours of content in every session, but Scott D'Arcy of Stutter Fox Studios is doing just that. After checking the game out during an online E3 2021 hands-off demo, Falling Frontier has landed firmly on our radar.

E3 2021: Terra Invicta Is The First Original Game From The XCOM: Long War Modders

Fans of the XCOM: Long War mods rejoice, the team behind those epic adventures is creating its own grand strategy game. Terra Invicta is the first game from Pavonis Interactive, the former Long War Studios, who has set off on its own to try its hand at a new interstellar adventure. Jason takes a look at what the dev team has up their sleeves in this E3 preview.

E3 2021: Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt Hands-On Preview: Battle Royale With Bite

The battle royale genre quickly became one of the most popular genres in video games, but after a while the games lost their edge. Jason looks into whether or not the upcoming Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt from Sharkmob Interactive can bring the bite back into the genre.

E3 2021: Lost Ark Is Coming Fall 2021 To The West Via Amazon Game Studios

One of the most highly requested games to come to the West, Lost Ark, is confirmed to be coming finally. Players will be able to drop the VPN and play on a client built specifically for the West this fall, with a beta coming this summer. Smilegate's free-to-play MMOARPG is one that many fans have been waiting for, but for the uninitiated, just what is Lost Ark?

E3 2021: Alliance of the Sacred Suns Preview

Alliance of the Sacred Suns is an upcoming strategy game that, as Jason puts it, sounds like Game of Thrones in space. Check out our preview from E3 2021.