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World War Machine - Wall-E with Missiles & Laser Guns

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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Imagine Wall-E all amped up with missiles and laser guns. Imagine a post nuclear world where human survived by putting their thoughts into robots to survive. Enter the landscape of World War Machine. We got the chance to sit down with the demo and fans of action RPGs like Diablo will not be disappointed in this game.

You begin with your basic robot armed with guns and some ranged area of effect attacks. Your first assignment is to clean up the enemy robots from a ruined sector of the city. There are missions to do as you go and the map was fairly easy to navigate. Once dropped on the ground from your pod it is off to destroy everything in your path.

The gameplay mechanics for World War Machine are very fast and smooth. Weapons are easy to fire and targets are quickly highlighted. When you have to switch to heavy modes of destruction it goes fast and players will have no problems flipping through their arsenals. It is not just fire power that you have access too, there is also equipment like the Electro Magnetic Pulse which can render robots in your area useless. Force fields can play a big part in the game to protect yourself when charging into a huge amount of foes or taking on that boss. You can also get speed boosts to charge enemies or move out of area attacks. So while guns and rockets play heavily into combat, if that is not your favorite way to upgrade you can deck out your robot to have a lot of fun features.

Enemies range like the Scourge which run up and hit with melee attacks, to huge walking cannons that can shoot you from afar. We found that with all the weapon upgrades there was plenty of ways to fight robots on the far side of the screen just as easy as dealing with them at close range. The landscape offers plenty of options which provide cover and fallen buildings to explore.

There were several types of short missions we did in the demo. There are escort, seek and destroy style, and a few other styles to explore. The team has announced that they do plan co-op mode as well so you can take your robot in with others to battle it out.

World War Machine was a lot of fun to demo. We really liked the fast paced combat and movement style of the game. There was no short on action as we kept fighting right from the beginning. The only down time was taken to explore, which was fun, and to loot enemies which allowed for some great upgrades. We hope these guys can get the game out there for fans. It is a lot of fun to play an action RPG with a robotic twist.


Garrett Fuller

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