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World War 3 – First Impressions

Christopher Bowman Posted:
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You hear the roar of the engine, the rumble of the tracks as you drive down the road, and the power of the shell leaving your tank. An explosions hits close to you and derails your track forcing you into the streets with your assault rifle at the ready. You run for cover as a grenade sails past your head. This war zone is ridiculous, and this is our first impressions of World War 3.

From developer and publisher The Farm 51, comes a game that you can easily pull out of the genre lineup. At first glance, World War 3 is a shooter no doubt, and it comes at you hard and fast. Much like Battlefield you are thrust into team-based battles where you use your weapons, armor, and teammates to defeat the opposing forces. It is very much based on teamwork and even throws a little something extra into it when you run. The ability to slide after you are running to avoid enemies, or to get closer to them, is very much in line with something you would see in Call of Duty games.

World War 3 is a first-person shooter which is set in the real world, with real locations. It offers you a tremendous amount of customization from weapons to armor, and these options give you greater control while in a match. If you have a specific type of armor purchased then you may have more armor than someone who just started playing the game. There are hundreds of combinations to use, and this means that you can pick and choose what you want to use, and how you want to play your game. There is a multitude of skins, and camos and attachments to add to your weapons, and lots of armor combos as well. You can even modify your vehicles.

Team-based gameplay is the best way to move forward in your matches. At the beginning of each match, you get to choose the attacker or defender role, and this will allow you to take a more integral part in the match as a whole. Knowing which one you will be ahead of time allows you to pick your weapons and gear to deal with your chosen situation the best. Your playstyle is what you choose it to be and therefore choose to play like you.

Real-life research has gone into the bullet and armor systems in this game as well. After years working with military professionals, World War 3 gives you a true to life sense of realism when it comes to attacking or being attacked. If you are a brand new player you can easily be killed after one or two shots depending on placement. If you are a seasoned veteran with upgraded weapons and armor then you can survive engagements longer than the other players. Things like ballistics, full-body awareness, and overall physics were taken into considerations and the specific things that The Farm 51 wanted to research to make their game better than all the rest out there. It does show in the way the game plays. The gunplay seems to play a bit better than Battlefield, and definitely more realistic than any of the Call of Duty games. From the guns to the armor you will be pleasantly surprised with the results of this research.

With everything that is done well in this game, and even though it is early access, there is one thing that I would love to see in this game, a campaign mode. I don’t know if it is something that is in the works, but the way this game plays it would definitely make it a better overall game. With all of the real world locations, they can do so much to make a compelling story.

Overall, my first impression of this game is that it will do very well, even without a campaign. There are a lot of people who play these types of games just for the multiplayer, however, so this would be perfect for the people who don’t like playing story-based game modes. For the low price of $28.00 USD on Steam, you can play to your heart's content and still have something to shoot for in terms of evolving your character.


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