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Wintersday is Coming

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Lion’s Arch, activities, and toy-themed instances aren’t the only things in this patch though.  There are a whopping 275 new crafting recipes, not all of which are themed around the holiday (though many are).  There are snowmen to build throughout the world which will serve as Wintersday’s version of the Pumpkin Carving.  There are also presents that fall from the sky all over Tyria, literally, as Tixx flies across the map from city to city.  The only place they won’t be falling is the continent of Orr, as Tixx is smart enough to avoid that place.  They’re like little boxes of gifts, goodies, and toy-making materials.  But what of PVP, World vs. World, and the Black Lion Trading company?

In terms of the Black Lion goods, you’ll see tons of new skins in the store, along with the crafting skins that will be much more accessible and attainable.  The weapons will be themed after the weapons used by Tixx’ toys, though Steven and Anthony said the ones the BLT folks make might be different.  Even they haven’t seen what the Trading Company is working on. 

In terms of WvW, similar to Halloween, you’ll see a bunch of new siege items themed after Wintersday such as ballistae that shoot candy canes and so forth. In sPVP, you’ll see a bunch of themed finishers for the holiday as well.  The team’s idea is to give them colorful stuff to add to the experience, without breaking the game they love to play.

Lastly, I asked the team about the Grentch, and whether we’ll ever be seeing him again. The short answer? They sure hope so!  But whether he makes it into this Wintersday, we’ll have to wait and see.  Wintersday 2012 begins tomorrow in Lion’s Arch and all over Tyria for the next three weeks.  Oh, and one last thing?  Even if you can’t complete the special events, if you manage to at least visit Tixx in LA once during the three weeks he’s there, you’re guaranteed a special toy that won’t ever appear in GW2 again. Are you ready? Are you happy with the plans for this month’s content and accessing it?  Let us know in the comments!

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