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Windows Edition First Impressions

David Holmes Posted:
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The wait is over and Final Fantasy XV has finally made its way to the PC market. Let's get the first thing out of the way, 86 gigs. Because I'm sure people will complain about the install size or the system needed to run the game. Overall, I have a decent PC setup and the game ran fine after a few hiccups. Let's dig into the game for a quick impression, shall we?

The Graphics

The first that grabbed me about Final Fantasy XV were the graphics. I have a Evga Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 with 6 gigs of ram. That card may not be top of the market, but what I saw impressed me so far. The visuals of not only the characters but the land itself was impressive. The details on the wildlife as well on the various cars that drove by were great.

The Story/Lore/Setting

What little of the story that I've experienced so far felt like a tip of a very large mountain. The character writing seems good so far as does the initial concept of the land and people. It felt odd seeing both cars and chocobo, but they felt integrated properly together.

The Combat

You have two options for combat. Wait which felt more like a traditional FF game with the game pausing as you made decisions and active which was a more actiony type of combat. Was I got the hang of dodging and parrying with Noctis, I was having a blast. Throw in the ability to team up with the other party members and striking from a distance with various magic or a flash strike and it can get fast and deadly.

The Audio

It's not a true Final Fantasy game without great music and XV has it in spades. From intro music to various music you can play while in your car the list is neigh endless and has made me smile at times so far. I also tried both the Japanese voice overs as well as English. Both sounded top notch and well-acted.

Overall Final Fantasy XV feels good so far, but how it fairs at the end of its journey remains to be seen.


David Holmes