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What's New in 7.2? Glad You Asked!

Catherine Daro Posted:
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World of Warcraft: Legion will be receiving its second milestone update when v7.2 “Tomb of Sargeras” hits in the next several months. Nighthold, the most recent raid, has just been opened in Mythic difficulty as well as LFR Wing 1 and the next big patch has already been applied to the Public Test Realm. 7.2 will bring in a new raid, a new dungeon and much more. 

We took a look at some of the biggest features and alterations coming with the update.

PVE New & Updated Features

Pet Battle Dungeon - After accepting a quest in Dalaran, players are sent to the Wailing Caverns to take on a series of pet battles and eventually take on the ‘bosses’,  mini-versions of the creatures that are found in the “real” dungeon.

Legion invasions / New world quests - Similar to the expansion pre-launch event, Legion invasions will spawn through all locations in the Broken Isles with world quests in those locations replaced with new ones related to the invasion. Players will have quests both to defeat “minor” demons as well as named demons.

Class Order Hall campaigns, including solo challenges for Artifact appearances, class mounts for completing the Broken Shore campaign and maxing out new reputation, and two new Order Hall upgrades. It is believed that these are the same for all classes. For example, Rank 7, players can choose a new powerful troop type or increase the number of active champions by one. Rank 8 - Relic Empowerment - all new relics are able to grant to increase an artifact trait by two ranks - 50,000 order resources to research both upgrades. There will also be the ability to raise the iLevel of the Order Hall equipment to 860, new class followers, additional ranks to existing artifact traits as well as several new ones.

Return to Broken Shore - As a result of the increased demonic activity throughout the Broken Shore, players will be returning to the site of the first landing and working with followers and order champions at Deliverance Point to build defenses such as Nether Disruptor, Command Center or Mage Tower that will gradually bring the forces of the Armies of Legionfall in to open the pathway to the Tomb of Sargeras raid.

Cathedral of Eternal Night Dungeon. This new addition takes place in an ancient temple dedicated to Elune that has since fallen to the corruption of the Legion. Players will fight through 2 floors and 4 bosses eventually ending in the center of the Hanging Gardens.

Tomb of Sargeras Raid - a 9-boss raid coming in the update. Up to this point players have been collecting the Pillars of Creation, with Eye of Aman’thul being received in Nighthold in 7.1.5, and will finally see them used in an attempt to defeat Kil’jaeden, one of the leaders of the Burning Legion, and seal off the portal used to bring demonic forces into Azeroth. The raid comes with a new tier, visually inspired by Tier 6 from the Black Temple raid from The Burning Crusade expansion.

New faction Armies of Legionfall will be added.  Other Broken Isles reputations will receive “Paragon” ranks. Currently, Blizzard has said, “Reputation earned beyond Exalted will now contribute towards earning additional rewards from Broken Isles faction emissaries.”

If you haven’t finished your Broken Isles Pathfinder Part One, now might be the time to start because flying will be introduced in 7.2 but there are more than a few tasks that must be completed prior to putting on your flight goggles, just like it was in Warlords of Draenor. To unlock the flying over Broken Isles for your account, you’d need to finish Pathfinder Part One and newly added Part 2 that will include repelling Legion Invasions, getting Exalted with Armies of Legionfall, exploring Broken Shore and finishing off the latest addition of Class Order Hall campaign.

Profession updates with crafted legendaries. Level cap for crafted gear will be increased to iLvL 875. Updates to Archeology, Cooking and Fishing (look out for fishing bosses!).

PVP New & Updated Features

PvP Season 3 will start with the arrival of 7.2.

PvP Brawl is a new type of player-versus-player activity that is heavily inspired by other Blizzard titles. These fights will allow Blizzard to implement different rules or insane ways of taking part in PvP. One special brawl will be available each week that change the rulesets to casual battlegrounds. For instance, South Shore vs Tarren Mill, which was introduced at the 10th Anniversary, will return as a large-scale brawl. Another example would be 15v15 in a standard arena such as Blade’s Edge. Blizzard has said these will be crazy battles and that balance is not the priority.

PVP Gear Recycling for Obliterum as described by Blizzard:

You may also start to see some bits and pieces of an improvement we’re making to PvP gearing in 7.2 through the Obliterum Forge (which will no longer require completing a quest chain to unlock). The intent of this system is to allow players who have received multiple pieces of unwanted gear to exchange them for a piece of their choosing. It’s not yet ready for testing, but it’s on the way.

More PVP Ensembles will be available as well as achievements for collecting them. 

General Updates & Additions

Other updates include:

  • Tab-targeting improvements.
  • Karazhan, Arcway and Court of Stars which were previously Mythic-only will now be available as part of Heroic Dungeon Finder.
  • Set tokens for all raids from Serprentshrine to Siege of Orgrimmar will provide loot fitting your specialization upon right-clicking on them.
  • Transmog UI will be updated with new “Sets” tab
  • World quest rewards will scale to item level 860 (up from 845)
  • Upgraded visuals for Hunters, Death Knights, Balance Druids & new Protection Druid skin
  • UI tweaks to the in-game mail interface including “Open All”
  • New pets
  • New mounts
  • Updated legendaries and items
  • Class tuning / balance
  • New achievements

So that about wraps up the most important updates coming to World of Warcraft: Legion in v7.2. What are you most looking forward to when it hits? Let us know in the comments.


Catherine Daro