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What Is Arcane Waters? (Sponsored)

William Murphy Posted:
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Arcane Waters is an upcoming F2P fantasy sea-faring MMORPG from the one-man studio known as Final Forge. Mike from Final Forge has been working on the game, with the help of some freelance artists, composers, and the like for several years now. A hybrid blend of action RPG on water and turn-based combat on land, with classic pixel art, you’ve probably never seen anything quite like Arcane Waters.

While sign ups for the beta are ongoing, it’s worth noting that Arcane Waters will be free to play when it launches fully in 2019. Arcane Waters is a large, open world where players can create a character, buy a pirate ship, and explore the high seas in search of treasure and glory.  Players can team up together to form their own pirate fleets, which will help them survive any sea monsters they encounter on their voyages to distant lands.

There are a multitude of different islands to travel to - from lush verdant forests to dark volcanic fiery fields of rock and brimstone. Each one houses its own treasures, monsters, puzzles, and secrets to be uncovered.

Arcane Waters Gameplay Trailer

What’s novel about Arcane Waters is that it sports two different styles of combat. On the sea, combat is real-time ship-to-ship. Aiming and dodging the broadsides of enemy ships, and the swipes or giant sea monsters is a must.

Meanwhile, when adventuring by yourself or with friends on land, combat takes on a Final Fantasy-esque turn-based approach. You’ll calculate your enemy’s strengths, weaknesses, and select from a bunch of different skills and abilities to take them out. 

There are a bunch of unique ships to choose from (see below), and loads of treasure locations, hidden wonders, and forgotten locales to explore both on your boat, and on foot once you make land. While you’re leveling up, you’ll get new items to use on your character and his or her ship, gain new powers, and overall become a more scurvy dog than you ever thought possible.

But what lies on the horizon? What do you do when you’ve sailed all the open waters, risen in power, and looted every treasure chest? Why... you take over those islands, and you rule them with an iron fist. There’s a lot to be uncovered in Arcane Waters, and we’ll be exploring more of the game as it hits closed beta later this year. For now, be sure to sign up for access at their official site.


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