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Warhammer: Chaosbane Hands-On Preview

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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Warhammer fans rejoice, wait, old Warhammer fans rejoice, wait… everyone rejoice! Chaosbane is here, and fans of action RPGs will have a lot to be excited about. We got the chance to preview the game in beta and while it pays homage to all the RPG tropes we have all become familiar with the game offers a fun look into the Warhammer Old World for fans. The only class available in the demo was the Imperial Soldier. We did not get to play the High Elf or our personal favorite the Dwarf Slayer.

One of the great ideas that sets Warhammer apart from any fantasy universe is the idea of chaos. Demons sent forth from horrific gods to infest humanity and spell their downfall. The Old World has been corrupted by Chaos which brings out all kinds of monstrosities. You are part of a group of heroes who are returning into a chaos area to purge them out.

The soldier begins his quest quickly fighting lower chaos minions like beastmen. The church had been infested, and you quickly slay the foes after picking up a sword and buckler. Moving into the catacombs, you'll fight through to the outside and collect some basic gear on the way. The user interface for the game is fantastic at keeping track of all your skills. It also has a Blood Lust meter which builds are you continue crushing enemies. Each tier builds and unlocks a set of skills to get all the way to the top and unleash a series of devastating attacks. The soldier has a huge shield he rams demons with, which we saw in a video (sorry we had to know).

Gear is critical, and the team has done a fantastic job capturing all the pieces of the Old World to display on the heroes. Reiksguard armor would be our ideal for the soldier and finding pieces, as well as weapons, were plentiful. Swapping out loot on different slots works similar to other RPGs, it is a solid inventory management system for fans.

Skills do step ahead of other games giving you a full scope of options from active attacks to passive buffs. You can also call on the great Sigmar to boost your God Skills. These will benefit you as you go up in level. Overall the skills system was used little in the demo but, we can see the light at the end of Sigmar’s tunnel.

Finally, the pacing of Chaosbane was solid for an action RPG. The game moves well and gives you time for quick decisions needed to get through the mobs of spawn. Seeing the different monsters from the Warhammer universe show up is always a favorite for fans. The art team does a fantastic job bringing all the miniatures to life. 

Chaosbane is not just another hack and slash RPG. It is a robust story set in the Old World which will enchant long-time tabletop players. The game has with it the main feature which makes Warhammer so appealing to so many, it takes a dark, horrific world of demons and blood and makes it absolutely fun. We cannot wait to play and especially try the Dwarf Slayer next time we demo the game. 


Garrett Fuller

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