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Warhammer: Carnage: A First Look

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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Action RPGs continue to get better on mobile platforms. Fans of the in depth Warhammer 40,000 universe will be excited to fight their way through all kinds of foes in the upcoming moble side-scrolling RPG: Carnage. The game puts players in the super armor of a Space Marine and has them fend off Orks and other baddies. We spoke to Kayla Kinnunen about the project to get an idea of what it is like to put the epic universe into a much smaller platform.

Roadhouse Interactive has its roots in Relic Entertainment who are known for some of the best 40K games ever. Kayla explained that the team wanted to make runner game set in the 40K universe. Kind of a throwback to the old school Megaman style game. They looked over all the rules for Warhammer and found ways to capture the flavor of the tabletop in a fun experience that people can take with them anywhere.

“Space Marines never run backwards,” said Kayla, as we talked about the gameplay mechanics. You begin running through a map and battle orks along the way. There are a lot of weapon options for you to pick up. They have ranged and melee weapons which mirror the famous weapons of 40K. You will have your bolt guns, plasma guns, melta guns, etc for ranged combat. The melee break down offers just as many options from a simple combat knife, to power fists and thunder hammers. These iconic weapons put some real power in the space marine’s hands as they run forward. You can also add modifiers to all your weapons to give them extra effects such as healing or explosions.

At launch the game will support two maps with fifty levels. There will be three different game modes as well as difficulty settings. The game at launch will be about one third of the overall game that Roadhouse has planned for Carnage. Some of the maps do have alternate ways of advancing. There are breakable exits which you need some powerful weaponry to find.

Carnage has a primary storyline which players will follow. It offers some secondary storylines which will give players more information in the game and also explore some of the lore. The main story is linear, but players can always look for the secret paths to explore.

In terms of enemies, Space Marines will battle hordes of Orks. From the simple annoying gretchin all the way up to the Nobz, orks are a mighty foe. Kayla explained that the Nob fights are really fun and break into a different play mode similar to Megaman’s arena combat style. There are also some huge boss fights against Deff Dredds in the game.

The game will be available for iOS and Android operating systems. It will have a price tag on it and is not free to play. Kayla explained that they want players to buy the game and play as much as they want without timers, upgrades, or other hindrances that come with a free model. However, they do have to convert the game in some other markets to be free to play because of the models that already exist there. For now, in North America, you will be able to buy the game up front. So Warhammer fans, you can finally take 40K on the go and play at work!

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