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Warframe: More TennoCon Surprises!

Aaron Couture Posted:
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During TennCon 2019, the surprise announcements kept coming in waves during the final live stream of the night. Just announced, both Wukong Prime and Nightwave Series 2 went live tonight on all systems! Typically, there are weeks in between Prime Accesses and the Nightwave Intermission just ended last week.

Nightwave Series 2

The Nightwave series is new to Warframe, and so far, it has been a hit with the players. Just like the first series, Nightwave Series 2 is going to tell a brand-new story over the next few months. This time the focus of the story is the infested. By playing Nightwave players can unlock limited-time exclusive items like cosmetics, gear, forma, and much more. In Series 2: The Emissary, players will be taken through the story and met a mute child named Arlo. Arlo will emerge from the infested with the miracle ability to heal the sick. Beginning today, players can start their journey to uncover Arlo’s story.

Wukong Prime

Along with Nightwave Series 2, Wukong Prime is live today…right now! With Wukong Prime Access, comes a new skin for the dog pet Kubrow, the crossbow Zhuge Prime crossbow, and the Nunchaku Prime nunchucks.

Like all Prime Accesses, the player has the choice to either play the game to craft Wukong Prime and the weapons, of they can pay real money for the access packs. Wukong’s abilities were recently revamped. Players can grab the regular version of Wukong from their clan dojo or skip right to looking for the relics to unlock the prime version. 

Both Nightwave Series 2 and Wukong Prime are live now, so what are you waiting for? Get in the game and get all the loot!


Aaron Couture