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Warframe - Fortuna is coming… Fortuna is coming… FORTUNA!

Aaron Couture Posted:
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If you haven’t heard, Fortuna update is coming to Warframe in November. The next major update will bring the second open-world experience to Warframe and it is going to be HUGE

Here are some key points to look forward to in the Fortuna update:

4 to 5X bigger than Plains of Eidolon

Map size doesn’t matter if there is nothing to do, but from what I have seen there is going to be plenty to do and secrets hidden away. Even with the map 4 to 5X bigger the group size will still be at four people. Personally, I think the map size being that big they should allow two groups of Tenno. The group size should stay four people, but I would like to see more people on the map even if they are not in my group. Going forward if the next open-world area is bigger, Digital Extremes should consider multiple groups in the world at a time for free roaming fun. I’m sure it can be worked where a group takes a bounty, and that is when the group is instanced into their own world. I would really like to see a big open world with a bunch of Tenno being able to free roam together.


It is a hoverboard that CAN go on the water. The K-Drive will have customizable upgrades that will make Biff (for all you youngins’ Biff is a mean bully in the movie Back to the Future. Biff has a fancy hoverboard that can go on water because it has engines to propel it forward.) jealous. For all your K-Drive needs you will need to do some gnarly tricks and “grind” faction reputation with the Vent Kids.

Vent Kids

The Vent Kids are a secondary faction in Fortuna you can find hidden in their secret clubhouse. I’ll give you a hint, “Vent” Kids /wink /wink. When you build up reputation with the Vent Kids, you will unlock cool upgrades to craft for your K-Drive. I am just hoping I can unlock a new emote where I can lean up against a building with my K-Drive resting on my leg while I say, “dude, gnarly, and sick” a lot.

Kit secondary weapons

The secondary weapons are very similar to the Zaw melee weapons in Plains of Eidolon (PoE). One major difference is the projectile type changes depending on the barrel you use. I can’t wait to see these new weapons in action.

Moa pets

The Moa pets are very interesting because they have so many different options that almost make all other pets obsolete.  Four different component sections can be customized, the head, shoulders, knees, and toes… no wait that is my yoga class. You can customize the modular components the Head, Core, Gear, and the Brackets. From the videos I’ve seen and the Devstreams, the Moa pets are going to be an exciting addition to the game. Again, I am very worried how other pets will fair after the introduction of Moa pets. As it is now, Kubrows and Kavats are more of a pain to keep up with than it is worth using them in a mission compared to sentinels.


You can now pick up bounties in the open-world without having to go back to Fortuna to get more. There will be bounty givers throughout the world. This is great because the biggest pain in the butt in PoE was constantly going back to Cetus to grab more bounties. The constant back and forth killed the immersion in the world.

Hidden secrets

The world is 4 to 5X bigger, and that adds more space for hidden secrets like caves and lore easter eggs. So far, the developers have said there are more caves that are harder to find then there is in PoE.

Revamped fishing and mining

The fishing mining mechanics are changing in Fortuna. Fishing and mining now require precise timing to catch the fish or mine the perfect gem.

New Warframe Garuda (tentative)

Digital Extremes hopes to have their newest gore based warframe, Garuda released with Fortuna. If you haven’t seen the new gore enhanced, blood splattering, warframe in action, you should check it out in DevStream 118. She is still in development, but her abilities look amazing so far. When talking with Digital Extremes Live Operations and Community Director, Rebecca Ford, she did mention they were looking into tweaking Garuda’s ultimate animation and the ability itself. I would like to see her ultimate ability changed to Garuda surrounded by knives while she walks and pukes blood on her enemies. The more enemies she slices up with her blades depends on how far the blood puke sprays. Reminds me of the time I had Fruit Punch Gatorade and food poisoning.

This list of changes and new additions to Warframe just scratches the surface of what we can look forward to in November when the free expansion drops. I am very excited to see the next evolution in Warframe.


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