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UXO Unveiling Event @ San Francisco, CA

Craig McGregor Posted:
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Ever since getting my invitation from EA to attend the UXO special unveiling event I could not help thinking "why are these guys spending all this money to fly hundreds of fans, guild leaders, media and sleep deprived code-monkeys like myself to San Francisco from all over the country just to tell us about an upcoming MMORPG title?" I now have my answer…because they are creating one of the most breathtaking massive multiplayer RPG's and they wanted to see our faces and mop up our drool. This game has most of the elements that make MMORPG's great, as well as some new and creative additions.

Contrary to early rumors, this is not a sequel to Ultima Online, nor does it even take place in Britannia. UXO will actually take off where the single player "Ultima IX" left off…or in other words, this is Ultima 10.

Let me give you a breakdown based of what I witnessed and responses from the dozens of questions that I had answered from various members of the development team.


The graphics in UXO are simply amazing and the best I have ever witnessed in any MMORPG. This comes from the fact that EA decided to license the Unreal® engine for use in UXO - a decision that allows them to focus on making great game content and a detailed world without having to waste their time programming complex 3D engines. Running through the forest you immediately feel as if you are in a living, breathing world. Grass and plants sway in the breeze, light filters through the high treetop canopies and water laps gently against the riverbanks. Characters slip on the ice, get blown into the air by powerful steam vents and other very interactive elements in this dynamic world.

Spells effects are vibrant and spectacular and combat animations are very smooth and realistic looking. The machines we were using for the demo were powerful, but obtainable (3.0 GHz, with ATI Radeon 9800 video cards) - which should be a semi-mainstream machine by the time of release.

Sound & Music

The musical score that accompanies UXO is second to none. You feel like you are inside of a blockbuster movie, not a computer game. The sound effects were also very realistic and immersive…although a bit annoying at times as some pre-alpha phase bugs seemed to keep certain sounds endlessly repeating! But, that is to be expected in a project this young.

The Interface

The user interface is simple, very easy to use and navigate. Your basic overlay consists of a simple chat window, your character portrait which contains your health and power meter, spell/attack shortcut bar, and some bars indicating your experience and virtue. Everything else is neatly tucked away into a all-in-one interface that handles your inventory, skills/spells, attributes and other character related items. This can be brought up by pressing the "I" key.

Some other great features included the ability to right-click on a persons name in the chat window and pull up a menu of items like "Tell", Trade" and "Invite". You can also drag items from your inventory directly into your chat window - allowing other people to quickly checkout the item by clicking the hyperlink in the chat window.


There are great character development elements including experience points, levels, a skill system that enables characters to learn new spells and attacks by spending skill and "virtue points" - which are earned by questing. Once your character reaches the level cap, you will be able to "ascend" - this will enable you to create disciple characters from this character. As the disciples progress they will propel your master character even further until they eventually reach the highest status of "Avatar". Traditional RPG fans might be a little disappointed by the lack of feedback from combat. You won't get to watch the numbers roll down your chat window showing the amount of damage you are putting out. This would not be very useful in UXO, simply because the combat in is so fast paced you would not have time to read it anyway!


Combat is probably where UXO really separates from traditional MMORPG games. Instead of "sandwich combat" (a phrase the dev team uses to describe combat where you can engage your enemy and go grab a sandwich while you wait for the battle to end) you will control the timing and combat actions in real time. Combat in UXO is more like that of an arcade game where you will need to fine-tune your motor skills in order to succeed. When in combat you have 3 elements to focus on: chance to hit, momentum and defense. Your chance to hit increases the longer you wait to swing or cast. You see a percentage bar near the center of your screen that rises from 0 to 100% in about 2 seconds, clicking it early will allow you to swing/cast more often, but you also take the risk of missing your target. Momentum is more or less a reward for hitting your target. After every consecutive hit your momentum will rise, making it easier to land your next blow on its mark. Finally your defense skill will help reduce your opponents chance to hit you. You will start with 100% defense, as you are struck it will drop 25% per blow. Clicking the right mouse button will raise it another 25%, but at the cost of your precious power points.

Basically, combat in Ultima X is a blast. You find yourself having a completely different experience with each battle you fight, even if it is the same monster. Engaging 2-3 creatures at a time is normal and is a nice change from the "pull more than one mob and your dead" concept of most MMORPG's. I don't know how much of this was because this was a pre-alpha demo - but I hope this concept exists in the final release.

Player vs. player combat will be purely consensual. You will be able to challenge other players to duel, and even duel in private zones - or have giant guild vs. guild wars. Another creative addition to PvP will be wagering - or betting gold/items on the outcome of a duel.

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