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Updating a Classic - Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear Preview

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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In recent weeks we have heard that Blizzard is patching Diablo 2 and Warcraft (not World of Warcraft). It continues to be true that quality old games never die and Baldur’s Gate is no exception. The game was one of the most fun RPGs in the 1990s (published in 1998). With recent success on mobile platforms and a resurgence in isometric RPGs it is no surprise that Siege of Dragonspear is coming out for fans.

Beamdog the company responsible for working on the game was successful in bringing back a lot of the old voice talent from the original. This was something they felt really spoke true about the community and fans who have been around the game for these past 18 years. Now with this expansion players will get to experience a new story and some new dynamics in terms of game play.

Without giving away any big spoilers, the story launches with a crusade coming to the Sword Coast. Though this enemy may appear to be on the lawful side, there is a mystery surrounding the true nature of the campaign. So some twists and turns will take you through the plot, we do not want to reveal too much, but the story we heard is filled with classic Forgotten Realms lore. The best part is the team is taking a lot of the original story line and factoring it into the game. So you will feel as much a part of the world as before and see elements that herald back to the old stories.

Multiplayer is something that will bring a lot of players together. I can remember playing back in 1998 and wishing my old D&D group could link up on a computer to play. Now you’ll be able to join companions for adventure. The system supports up to six players together. More updates are coming to the user interface and better engine support. The team is making sure to keep the original design that we are all used too, but wanted updates to bring the game a little more current.

You can import your characters from the other games, but not Icewind Dale. However, the ability to continue the story is what is at the heart of these games. Once you really get engrossed into an RPG it is not fun to put it down when you “win.” These games are starting to become similar to MMOs in the sense that there is always a demand for new content. Instead of going over to other games, players are coming back for the updates and continuing the journey. In many ways putting down an old D&D character, never to play them again is no fun.

The Baldur’s Gate team has hinted that we may yet see a third entry into the series. If this expansion is any indicator there is definitely more Forgotten Realms on the horizons. For now there is over twenty five hours of game play coming your way so plan on experiencing the new story and meeting with your old companions for this next chapter.


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