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Today’s Eclipse Update is a Doozy

William Murphy Posted:
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TROVE is the colorful, carefree, but feature-packed MMORPG that keeps on getting bigger. Trion Worlds today launches the Eclipse update, a day later than that other Eclipse. We were fortunate enough to run through a demo of the content on deck, and bring you this report today as the patch goes live on servers.

Bringing new shadow-themed challenges, tons of new content, customizations, and a brand new way to explore the many types of worlds in Trove, Eclipse rejiggers a lot of the core game, while expanding on plenty too. The update lands on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 simultaneously today too, so no waiting for anyone.

The Shadow Tower is one of the hardest places to adventure in Trove, and today’s update brings two brand new Shadow Tower floors, along with the bosses Shadow Hydrakken, Darknik Dreadnaught, and Daughter of the Moon. Defeating any or each of these can net you limited edition new stuff like the Moonsilver costumes being added in the update.

Sub-classing is one of the bigger new additions to Trove, and all characters level 10 or higher can now designate a sub-class to unlock passive skills and stat bonuses, effectively adding tons of new ways to customize how you play in Trove’s many biomes.

The Trove Atlas is also added with Eclipse, and replaces the somewhat unwieldy tower of portals that used to be how you floated about the different running worlds of Trove. Now, instead, you have a fully-illustrated map that lets you travel between biomes and adds a sense of progression through them as you play.

There’s also a new gem forging system being added, whereby you can improve stats on your existing gems by augmenting them and compounding them. You can even reroll undesirable stats, a la the Mystic in Diablo. Worth noting? Health Regen is going away after Eclipse, when it comes to Gems anyway. All new gems discovered after the update won’t have this stat on them. So if you like your Regen, keep those old gems!

Last, but certainly not least – the portal tower is being replaced by a giant statue of the Sun Goddess herself. What’s the point? Daily login bonuses and events of course! You can get Boons of a Celestial Paragon, trade login tokens via the new Radiant Merchant, and save up for some epic loot that’s earned purely by logging in every day.


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