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Thoughts on Vikendi and the State of PUBG

William Murphy Posted:
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Although Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has been around for well over a year now, its developers have been keeping its hardcore fanbase busy with plenty of great new features for the acclaimed battle royale title.

In particular, it’s the release of the new Vikendi winter-themed map that seems to be getting plenty of gamers in a festive mood. This snow-themed 6x6 map comes with update #24 and will see PUBG fans exploring a barren snowy wasteland under the shadow of Mount Kreznic. But it’s not all about the pretty scenery, as this map will also feature plenty of tempting weaponry such as the G36C assault rifle, whilst even the most winter-phobic gamer would take great pleasure in bombing around the chilly tundra in the new snowmobile.

The Vikendi map followed on from plenty of cool festive skins that have already been released for the holiday season. This can see you equipped with festive beanies complete with a pom pom, or you can even wear a typically Christmassy red nose as you lay waste to your competitors. But if you are feeling particularly festive then think about splashing out 10,000 BP on that iconic white beard for the ultimate in Santa-friendly gaming fun.

It’s great new features like these that will help many more gamers join in the PUBG revolution that’s been taking over the world recently. The game’s recent release on the Playstation 4 caught many by surprise, and so it’s no surprise to find that PUBG is included in the shortlist of the most popular esports titles around at the moment.

The PS4 release was unfortunately accompanied by more than a few irritating bugs that saw some trophies not accumulating the in-game progress properly, whilst there were also reports of issues with intermittent airplane sounds. Thankfully it looks like PUBG’s developers have ironed out such problems, and PS4 gamers can now enjoy looking forward to participating in the global PUBG scene.

Whilst games like Fallout 76 have struggled to break through into the competitive gaming realm, PUBG seems to constantly be pushing things forward in the esports domain. September saw PUBG mobile pushing boundaries in the competitive arena and this week saw the PUBG Europe League Qualifiers taking place in Minsk, Belarus and it featured no less than 32 teams of top battle royale gamers competing for a chance of esports glory. Whilst all of these games took place on the classic Miramar and Erangel maps, it’s only a matter of time before pro gamers get to compete on the recently released Vikendi map.

The competitive gaming phenomenon has played a big part in the continuing success of PUBG. Although it’s perfectly fine to release top games like Dreadnought as a standalone title, it’s only when these video games enter the esports realm that things go truly global. This is all the more important as PUBG is up against tough competition from other battle royale titles like Fortnite, but with these new maps and cool festive features, it looks like Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is going from strength to strength.


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