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The War Within Goes Deep into Grineer Territory

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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Yesterday, we got the chance to talk to the team at Warframe about their new update The War Within. This new quest is rich with story, a graphical and enhancement upgrade, and loads of options for weapons. Floating among the asteroids is a massive hidden fortress. This new zone will other players the chance to battle the Grineer deep within their base, a maze of twisting halls and hidden technology. Players will have a lot of options just like with The Second Dream to explore and grow their Tenno.

Julie and the team first spoke about the cinematics in the game. With you finally facing down and interacting with the Grineer Queens they wanted to add a lot to the cinematic quests. Just like with The Second Dream you will have a lot of content and lore coming with the update. The team did not want to give too much of the story away. However, it looks like the Queen has developed a new weapon and is using it on some locals for practice. The Grineer populating this floating fortress are the Kuva Guardians who are close to the Queen, a deadly new breed to try and understand while fighting them. They will have some new technology on them for you to loot as well. The team worked a lot of overtime on the cinematics to really bring the players into this forbidden zone. It will be exciting to see how players react to the new and deep lore.

Lore is not the only update coming. Both graphical and enhancement upgrades to the game will be along as well. The software part of this new pact will boost graphics and enhance performance for the game. We asked if players on older systems may have any issues, the team explained that you can always adjust your setting and still play the game. With all of the added cinematics they wanted things to be crystal clear, as the gameplay video shows, it is really looking beautiful:

New strange technology has already been seen from The War Within previews. These weapons can be used by your Tenno and offer some great ways to decimate your foes. The team was very quick to explain that with the new technologies found in the fortress it also gives you a lot of reasons to go back into your inventory and pull out some of the older weapons you may not have used in a while. This boost to gear is another area the team wants to keep secret, but they assured us that players will be happy to know their old gear will now become much more useful in this patch. The fortress has a lot of secrets and unlocking them will yield some fantastic loot. The team was really psyched for all the drops hidden among the fortress’s maze of hallways and hidden areas.

The team really wanted to get the feel for breaking into a massive space fortress. So gameplay is all about stealth and discovery. The deeper you go into the maze the more of the Kuva guards you’ll find trying to catch you or surround you. These new Grineer are nasty and designed to hunt you down, just like any royal guard should. So a lot of the style for War Within is heavy on taking a stealth approach to the content. It doesn’t matter how you spec your Tenno, breaking into this fortress is about not getting caught. So taking your time and moving slowly will pay off in the end. After you find the cannon and what the Grineer Queens are up too, it will be a fast and furious race to escape the area.

The War Within is coming very soon. We as the play through video shows the team is ready to launch and get this great story and new upgrades to their Tenno in time for the holiday season. As with The Second Dream they are happy to show off the new plots and especially the graphical updates. We thought the game looked beautiful in the video and cannot wait to explore the Queens dark maze. 


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