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The Shroud of Souls Launches Today on PC

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Today marks the release of the latest update for Neverwinter on the PC, as the Shroud of Souls launches. Following the events of the Cloaked Ascendency, the Shroud of Souls will take players into a twisted mirror version of the city of Neverwinter. On top of all the new story updates, there are big quality of life improvements, new guild content, new stronghold updates, and a new story arc following the adventures in the River District.

We won’t spoil things about the Cloaked Ascendency if you’re still working through that content, but the Evernight is set to be the first time players enter a mirro-universe version of any of Neverwinter’s many zones. Filled with not-so-good living residents and even worse undead, it’s not exactly the casual meeting place for adventurers that Neverwinter has been so far in the game’s life. Another new location is the Shard of Night, a spire from the mythical Plane of Shadow, a plane of existence in black and white that’s owned by the Netherese people.

Now, here’s where we get a little spoilery. As this update brings the story of Cloaked Ascendency to its end, we’ve got to touch on it at least a little bit. Read no further if you don’t want to know what happened in the Cloaked Ascendency. From the Neverwinter site:

The events of The Cloaked Ascendancy have unleased something sinister below the River District. A dragonborn necromancer has taken control of an artifact known as the “Shroud of Souls,” allowing her to summon an army of wraiths to overwhelm Neverwinter. Sergeant Knox tasks adventurers with halting this menace before the necromancer recruits powerful spirits to lead her ghostly army.

Aside from all the new story bits, there are a wealth of new features to try out in Shroud of Souls too. Loadouts adds the long-requested ability to create and manage gear builds for your character and his or her activities across Neverwinter. You can make different specs for PVP, Stronholds, dungeons, leveling, and so forth and swap with just a couple clicks.

One of the more popular parts of The Cloaked Ascendency was the Illusionist’s Gambit skirmish, and a new Stronghold Siege event is coming in the same fashion. It’s kind of like Horde Mode for Strongholds, pitting you and your guild against waves of increasingly difficult enemies. You can then take the rewards from this mode and upgrade the Stronghold.

Guild Great Halls Vlog

And lastly, Guild Great Halls are finally coming to the Stronholds. Up until this point, very little customization has been allowed in the Strongholds, but the Great Halls finally give guilds a place to customize, decorate and call their own. It’s basically the Guild Housing Neverwinter players have wanted for years. 


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