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The Plate Classes Revealed

William Murphy Posted:
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Over the past few weeks we've covered Cabal 2's Cloth classes, the Leather wearers, and finally it's time for the heavies in Plate. Read on for an exclusive look at the Warrior and the Force Shielder. Find out what makes each unique from the other.

The Warrior:

A melee based class that wields a two-handed sword that allows them to wreak chaos and destruction on the battlefield. Focus is on two-handed swords and a large chain which he or she whips around.

The Force Shielder:

A melee based guardian class that throw themselves into the thick of fights to deliver powerful blows and protect their allies. The main tank in Cabal 2, the Shielder focuses on a traditional sword and board, but his shield is called a Reactor and wields magical properties as well.


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