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The New Worlds of Mantle of Power

William Murphy Posted:
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Trove's Mantle of Power update is weeks away, but that doesn't mean Trion Worlds is feeling shy about letting us know what to expect.  With tons of new worlds coming to explore for the game's highest level players, there's a whole lot to be looking forward to. Read on for our exclusive first look at the new worlds coming in Trove's big update.

I met up with Trion's Andrew Krausnick yesterday to take a tour of the five new world types coming in Mantle of Power. Fans of Trove's seafaring adventures and ship-collecting will be happy to hear that two of the worlds are entirely built on water... and lava too. These island worlds are a culmination of the massaging of the voxel tech that Trove's built upon. It may seem like a silly thing, but to be able to get them all to line up where they need to be to form meanders and flow-throughs with the water... it's no small task. Each island is like a mini-world unto itself, with unique dungeons, adventures and even ocean-front property for your cornerstone.

Water worlds (or lava) and pretending you're Kevin Costner drinking his own pee isn't the only thing you'll be doing as you work your way to the new level cap of 30 and start decking yourself out in the new gems (more on those at a later date).  Entire realms constructed in the sky are part of the rub, too. The new Fae Sky Realm and Neon Sky Realm (both with names that Andrew says are works in progress) are bound you give you ample reason to bust out your wings. In fact, you won't really get very far if you don't have your wings. Then again, since these worlds are for the game's top leveled players, that doesn't really matter too much. 

The dungeons in these worlds, as you'd expect are going to be some of the game's largest and most difficult. There's one inside of the Neon Fae world that's absolutely mind-boggling. Imaging a solid cube the size of several dungeons crammed together, its insides one large, winding, monster-filled maze. Meanwhile the island worlds have everything from mountain-top aerial defying dungeons to cavernous delves that stretch below the sea level and into the cracks and crevasses of the world itself. It's really impressive what Trion's managed to make their voxel engine do, and Andrew says they've learned a lot since the game's earliest days. He expects players will see more than a few new surprises on the older worlds too as the Mantle of Power update has some tweaks with how all worlds are created and rendered randomly.

When Mantle of Power launches in the coming weeks, not only will there be 10 new levels for every class, new loot, and of course new monster variants to defeat (which means new boss attacks and fights too), but it's perhaps the new worlds to explore that has Andrew most excited. He's always been a fan of the exploration and adventure side of Trove. It's that notion that inspired him to make the game in the first place - a never ending stream of worlds to rove about and slay monsters within. When the Mantle of Power makes its way into the wild, that sense of adventure will get a whole new slew of places to rove and slay.


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