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The Mantle of Power Changes the Game Forever

William Murphy Posted:
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Listen up Trove fans: your game is about to get its biggest update ever in the coming weeks when the Mantle of Power expansion lands on the live servers. Focused intensely on progression, there are 10 new levels per class, and a brand new Gem System that augments each of the game’s 14 classes with dozens of new abilities. Read on for the full details on this and more.

I spoke with Trion’s Andrew Krausnick about The Mantle of Power, and if there’s one thing this update’s focused on it’s the idea of progression. Most of the game’s updates since its earliest stages have been about padding out classes, mounts, dragons and dungeons – the core systems of the adventuring and building MMORPG. But now it’s time to focus on what keeps players going for the long haul, progressing their characters and getting more and more loot.

The 10 new levels for each class brings each class to a max of 30, and though you do get more power through these levels, the real reason for their addition was to open up new item slots and the new gem system which will really add to the way players customize how each class plays.

Right now, if you’re familiar with Trove, there may be 14 classes but there are only a few abilities per class. With the forthcoming gem system, you’ll be able to slot each class with multiple gems that complete change the way your class plays and the what the abilities do.  Ability augments range from super functional, like turning the Ice Sage’s ice bomb into a blizzard that can be dragged around freezing everything in its path, to the Boomerangers ultimate containing only chickens so you can be lord of the fowl (Andrew’s Dad Joke, not mine).

But wait, there’s more! The Mantle of Power also focuses on adding utility to the newly added Power Ranking system in Trove. Anything you do in the game that progresses your overall account (class leveling, new dragons, new whatever) increases your power rank. That power rank, the higher it is, will give you access to harder and harder adventure worlds. And with Mantle of Power, there are brand new world variants incoming – lava oceans, undead sky realms with dead tree roots protruding from floating landmasses, and an invasion-based shadow world. All of these have new adventures, new loot, and new achievements tied to them.

Additonally, alongside the new Centaur Mounts (yes, you read that right), players can look forward to Leaderboards and Weekly Contests. Power Rank, Mastery Rank, PVP, the Shadow Tower – it’ll all have leaderboards, and each week Trion will hold a new contest focused on giving players rewards for placing in the top percentages of the leaderboards. The Leaderboards themselves may even go live a couple weeks ahead of the Mantle of Power patch to make sure all the kinks are worked out in advance.

This may or may not be an MMORPG.com themed Centaur we'll be giving away soon...

The Mantle of Power may be Trove’s biggest update yet, and it certainly seems to be the one with the deepest focus on “endgame” for the game that doesn’t really end. We’ll be bringing you deeper looks every week at each of these new systems – especially the new gem-based ability augments – and we just might have a surprise special mount for our readers to giveaway in the very near future.


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