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The Game Awards 2022: Nightingale Shows Off New Gameplay Such As Gliding In New Trailer

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Nightingale, the Victorian-era set survival game from Inflexion Games has released a new trailer, highlighting some of the gameplay players can expect when it releases into early access in 2023.

The new trailer showcases some Mary Poppins-like moves, with players gliding into the screen on their magical umbrellas across the Fae Realms. Players will use their Gliding ability to help explore the Fae Realms, building their society and exploring the wonders that 1899 has to offer.

The trailer also showcases some of the areas you'll be able to explore in Nightingale, including new caves, which will be rich with new discoveries to uncover, as well as danger to contend with. Along the way, Realmwalkers will come up against Giants, Elder Eotens, and the fire-spitting Bound, all creatures that will provide a challenge to up-and-coming Realmwalkers as they explore what the Fae Realms has to offer.

Set during the Victorian Era, Nightingale is an alternate history take on the era where a cataclysmic event has seen a portal network that Fae and Humans have used for ages to travel between Earth and the Fae Realms has arisen, seeing a whole new breed of Realmwalkers take to the realms themselves. Players will work alongside each other to build to survive, as well as work with various factions in the Fae Realms, with some familiar Victorian faces such as Ada Lovelace along the way.

You can check out the trailer in the embed above. Nightingale is scheduled to release into Early Access on PC next year.


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