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The Fury of the Tempest has Arrived

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We are very happy to share that dynamic new Tempest Class and more arrive today with the Fury of the Tempest update! Her acrobatic experience with both battle and blades have made her both a worth ally to any Devilian and a formidable foe to any that might seek to face the Fury of the Tempest.


Driven by her intelligence and agility, this Class offers three new customizable different skill trees that focus on the transformation of the weapons she wields. When she transforms her daggers into her twin bladed glaive, she activates a defensive mechanism from within to boost her defense and block incoming damage. Transforming back to blades increases both her movement speed and attack, so make sure you face or fight alongside this class of lethal fury with care.

Slaughter (Common)This skill tree offers a variety of area of effect buffs and enemy debuffs to add more power up your party.

Lancer (Glaive) Geared toward the Glaive, this skill tree is more effective when you have activated the Tempest’s Form Change skill.  

Interceptor (Daggers)Offering a variety rapid blade attacks with a variety of ranges, this skill tree is best used to take on small groups or unfortunate individuals.

With a Class level cap increase to 54 and a Devilian level cap increase to 30, even more awaits you in the world of Nala.

Rally your raid party for a new 9-man Raid Dungeon and take down Denikhalis, the level 54 Raid Dungeon Boss.  

Face two new level 54 Archdevil Dungeons: Severam Fortress and the Bottomless Pit

Tackle four new level 53 Heroic and Hell Dungeons with new tactics:

  • Elemental Prison – Kamaitan awaits you in this prison of ice.
  • Forgotten Prison –Face the fire of Tiamat in this hellish prison.
  • Dark Temple – Kyliton guards this once sacred temple with lighting.
  • Defiled Tomb – Poison is precious to Helligon, the guardian of this tomb.

Lay claim to the level 53 Stormfront Invasion Site with the newest addition to the Infinite Hunting Grounds. 



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