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Pirate 101 has five classes for players to choose from. Each class gives the player different options in combat. Don’t worry about choosing something and not having the other options available: remember your pirate crew will always be there to back you up. The game has both ranged and melee combat. There are classes that have some magic abilities as well. Pirate 101 keeps true to its storyline with some great names for what a character can play.

So then, here are your classes:


The Swashbuckler is very much a DPS-centric sort of pirate. You can use swords and daggers in a fight and perform best when fencing it out with your foes. The class has some great abilities that go with it. Everything in the Swashbuckler arsenal maximizes melee combat so it helps to have a ranged style companion with you when adventuring. Different from the bully style Buccaneer (more on him later) the Swashbuckler relies on finesse in a fight to defeat his foes.


The Witchdoctor class is the closest to a mage class in the game. The Pirate wields some spells and voodoo thrown in for fun. They are very much a ranged and support style class to help your crew win the day. The Witchdoctor’s abilities focus around powerful attacks which are great for eliminating groups of foes. The cinematic of the Witch Doctor attacks is great with all kinds of voodoo symbols. When playing a Witch Doctor it would help for you to have a powerful melee crew member as your first rank. This way you can have your crew jump into the fight while you cast your spells from afar.


Master of Muskets (go figure), the Musketeer class is the top ranged damage class in the game. Their focus is damage from afar and can get some great attacks to enhance their fire power. This class is fun if you like standing on the edge of a fight and blowing things up with your gun (which is more of a lightning taser, that allows the musketeer to shock its opponents from afar, and does not use bullets). The Musketeer can do a lot from afar with high powered shots or solid area of effect impacts to take on multiple targets at once.


The Privateer is the closest thing in the game to a healer. Their role is to buff their crews with inspiring shouts and calls. This allows the crew to fight better and work together. They are also good in naval combat and have some skills to help them out in ship fights. The Privateer class is definitely important if you want your group to survive the thick of a scrap with some scallywags.


The Buccaneer is the brawler of the group. Fast and furious they are similar to a tank class in other games. Players who want to stand in the front line and go toe to toe with the baddies; well this is the class for you. Where the Swashbuckler swings and dodges, the Buccaneer basically beats up his opponents. This is a great class to try and get the hang of the game with as they can survive and fight a long time.

The classes in Pirate 101 are a great mix of classic archetypes brought into the pirate world. The unique skills each class gets throughout their career work very well in the combat scenarios and are enhanced by the crew. With the board game style combat there are a lot of options. You can also train your companions as they level up as well giving them lots of options when you enter combat. There is also a way to rank your companions so that you always have your top tier showing up in a fight. As the fights get more complex more companions can enter the battle.

Similar to Wizard 101, players can also help each other in combat. That you can read about in the Combat feature. For now, the classes are a great start when the game will be launched. They give a clear list of skills that players can relate too. Pirate 101 does an amazing job of keeping the game easy in the beginning and growing the depth of class design as you level up. They also allow the game play to be mastered with a safe learning curve. This helps both older and younger players learn the game as they go.


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