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The Big November Preview

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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In the Family MMO market Wizard 101 remains one of the top games for players. Both children and adults have logged hours into the game and it continues to deliver on prime content, great story lines and more fun for its fans. If you have not played Wizard 101 before it is worth checking out. Even hardcore MMO players will enjoy the gameplay and fun combat system. This past month we got a sneak peek at what is coming up in Wizard 101. Players will see the expansion Zarafria come to its test servers. There is also a new app minigame coming called Grub Guardian for mobile markets that helps you level your in-game pet while away from the game. And finally, Wizard 101 has a few goodies coming for the Holiday season in December.

First off, Zafaria is on the horizons as players will begin to see signs of this new area in the next few weeks. The game takes on an African theme with Zafaria that has wizards meeting all kinds of new opponents and allies. The game’s level cap is actually being raised from 60 to 70. There will be lots of new gear and mounts to discover. Not to mention, Players will get access to some high level Rank 9 spells to boost up their magic arsenal for the new expansion.

There are also a bunch of new zones for players to explore. The Drum Jungle plays host to ancient ruins which have been overgrown by the lush rainforest. Another new area of interest is Stone Town, home of the Elephant Nation. Zafaria also has its central market place in Baobab for players. End game players will be happy to have the new zones to explore. The team has set up a lot for players to do.

Just as big as Zafaria is the new Grub Guardian minigame for mobile devices and the web browser. Players can log in and start up the tower defense style game which helps them level up their pets. Getting the mobile game to link to the players in game pets in the MMO was tricky, but Kings Isle pulled it off and players will be able to finally level up their pets outside of the game. The web browser version of the game will test in November. Launch is expected on the browser first with the iOS and Android markets quickly to follow.

This Holiday Season Wizard 101 has two new bundle game cards for players to check out. The Hawkrider Bundle is coming to Wal-Mart and offers the players gear, items, and the Flying Hawk mount. The Super Bundle will be at Gamestop and is a little more expensive but comes with a house and “Great Hornocerous” mount.

People may not realize but Wizard 101 has more than 20 million-plus registered players on US servers. The game continues to grow among both young and old fans. Wizard 101 is expanding into Europe launching with Gameforge and also into China with TaoMae in 2012.

If you have not tried Wizard 101 go to the web site and start it up. The game may look like it is designed for kids, but never forget it is the hardcore team from Shadowbane that put this together. There are some great gameplay features and the card collecting elements of spells adds even more depth to the journey. When a game continues to expand with new zones and more levels you know the formula works for the community. KingsIsle does an amazing job in listening to their player-base and building the game for the whole family. This year at GDC Online Wizard 101 won the Audience Award. The fact that it resonates with developers and fans alike proves how much fun Wizard 101 continues to be.  Hope to see you in Zafaria soon.


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