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The Beast Known as Bolas

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The Kingdom of Rendel has known only war since the Primestone crashed into the world, corrupting its creatures into hordes of vicious beasts. But as hunters return to their homes, victorious in battle against the fearsome Chimera, peace has spread across the land once again. Citizens across the continent have finally begun rebuilding their tattered world. The Grand Wall of Silence is safe -- but for how long?

Whisperings amongst villagers now speak of a dragon-like creature roaming the pastures past the Grand Wall of Silence. Described as an “abomination, more fierce than the ruthless Chimera,” citizens of Rendel near the Grand Wall of Silence now live in constant fear of the beast known as Bolas.

A call to arms has been issued to Rendel’s greatest hunters. Early reports from scouts and militia speak of Bolas’ frightening strength, fearsome fire breath, and ability to take flight with ease, landing swooping blows upon soldiers with a quickness that defies his gigantic stature. The Kingdom of Rendel needs you. Will you answer the call?


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