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Tennocon 2020: Warframe's Heart of Deimos Reveal

RAP TAP TAP...The Heartbeat Grows Louder!

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The infested have taken over the moon of Mars, Deimos, and the heart is in danger of being suffocated to death. Tenno, you must stop the infested and prepare for the war that is coming. Lotus and her army of sentinels are coming.

The Heart of Deimos is Warframe’s next major update and major it is! On August 25, 2020, the Heart of Deimos (HoD) releases on ALL platforms simultaneously. This is a huge step in how Warframe  delivers content to its players. Since March of 2013, when Warframe came to Playstation 4, the updates have been staggered for certification purposes. Now that Warframe is on four different platforms, the certification process is broken up into four different release dates. On August 25th, that is all going to change. It is a “beta” test to see if they can pull it off and if all goes well, we could see Warframe coming to all platforms at the same time forever. This is great news for the possibility of features like cross-save or cross-play. We can only hope this will be the new norm for Warframe updates.


The HoD is another open world area for Warframe. What makes Deimos different from the Plains of Eidolon or Fortuna, is how it is laid out. With the Plains Digital Extremes wanted to see if they could do an open world environment. With Fortuna they wanted to see how big they could make and open world. This time they want to make the world more alive and denser. There might not be as much square space, but the verticality is astonishing. Not only that, as you start exploring underground you will find yourself in a crazy maze of procedurally generated tunnels. 

Warframe Heart of Deimos

The first thing players will see when they land on Deimos is the pulsating landscape overrun by the Infested. They will be greeted by a floating dual-personally head named Necraloid. The sun does not illuminate the sky of Deimos, only the glare of one of the two giant worms locked in an eternal battle for dominance of Deimos. The strength of the Infested depends on which worm is active. They control the day and night cycles of the moon. The Tenno are there to help the Entrati that have been transformed by the Infested hive. As the player dives deeper into the tunnels to help the Entrati, they will discover new lore and Necramechs.


Necramechs Warframe

Necramechs are a new addition to the arsenal Tenno can use in open world environments. Like the Archwing or K-Drive, the Necramech can be used on all the open worlds. In regards to what is a Necramech, they are mech suits (duh) the operator uses to mow down enemies (double duh). The Necramech is especially good at killing Infested. Currently, there are two variations of the Necramech with their own special abilities. They are modified using mods you acquire. While the Nercamech is a new and different way to play Warframe, how a warframe is used is evolving too.

Warframe Changes

For about five years now players have had the Helmeinth Cyst dental examiner chair. Our very own Little Shop of Horrors. When HoD releases the Helmeinth Cyst chair will turn into a tool to extract warframe powers to use on other warframes. One caveat though, if a warframe ability is extracted, it consumes the warframe. You will no longer have that warframe to use in your arsenal. The good news is, if you have duplicates of that warframe you will still have it. Each warframe has one ability that is eligible to be extracted. The abilities were meticulously chosen by Digital Extremes to ensure balance. A player cannot extract ultimate abilities or signature abilities like Frost’s Snow Globe.

Hemeinth Cyst Warframe Deimos

Prime warframes and Excalibur Umbra cannot have their abilities extracted. Once an ability is extracted, it is usable as many times as the player chooses. Only one extracted ability can be placed on a different warframe at a time. It will be awesome to see what builds players will come up with especially since augment mods for the extracted abilities will still work when placed on a different warframe. Oh, and did a mention the new warfrrame coming with Heart of Deimos?

Goodies galore

Warframe Heart of Deimos

While players are on the Mars moon they might as well search for Xaku the new warframe. Xaku is the second community designed warframe ever made. The first being Nova. As seen at Tennocon 2020, today Xaku looks amazing. With every new warframe comes new weapons. The new weapons showcased today look amazing too and I cannot wait to get my hands on them in game while I kick Infested butt with Xaku.

The goodies do not stop at a new warframe. Everybody loves their K-Drive hoverboard, but they are going to adore their Dragonfly-Drive (Velocipod). Not only are players going to be able to ride on the back of a dragonfly, they will be able to shoot. Coming with HoD is the ability to use secondary weapons while still on the K-Drive or Velocipod. Why stop and unload a clip when you can keep driving and doing narly tricks? Let the double backflip to Stiffy headshot-crit, begin!

Warframe Deimos

There is a whole bunch of great changes coming with Heart of Deimos that drops on August 25, 2020, on all platforms. If you were watching Tennocon today you know that is not all that is coming to Warframe.  Stay tuned to MMORPG.com for more news and information from this year’s Tennocon!


Aaron Couture