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Steven Universe: Attack of the Light Hands On Preview

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Steven Universe: Attack of the Light was the 2nd of the Cartoon Network Games I had hands-on time with at PAX Prime. In case you are unfamiliar with this cartoon as I was, the universe is protected by a group of intergalactic women warriors known as the Crystal Gems who draw on the powers of special gems embedded in their bodies to summon magical weapons. They are Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl. Where does Steven come in? Well, this young man inherited a Crystal Gem from his mother, Rose Quartz, and is trying to figure out how to use the power of his gem, so he hangs out with the other Crystal Gems, learning from them and helping them save the universe.  

The game is a traditional turn-based RPG. You play through the storyline and clear dungeons using the special powers of the Gems while Steven remains in the background and supports them; whether it’s throwing a heal (donuts!) or moral support to provide an extra attack. Just like the show, Steven’s interactions with the individual women are different depending on their personalities.

The game itself is on mobile platforms and the user holds and drags the camera around, tap to move the characters and tap to bring up the radial menu for each character during their turn. Each of the Gems has three different and diverse attacks, some which are mini-games themselves, like Pearl’s spear throw. The game also takes a little skill as you learn each character’s attack (tap, flick etc.), what it does and the timing to land it for maximum effect.

Right now, 50 levels are planned and I did get to try one of the nastier monsters in the game, a hydra with many heads to kill and which also spawned little nasty monsters. Not that easy as I had not learned the skills and timing, but still I didn’t totally suck.

As I did not know the show, I did not get the chance to ask if at level 50, Pearl and Amethyst could combine into four armed Opal which the show describes as “an unstoppable, stone-cold betty armed with a gigantic bow.” That would be sweet.

Steven Universe: Attack the Light ships at the end of 2014 on iOS, Android and will also be available on the Kindle Fire.  


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