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Sparkling Goodies in New GameStop Bundle

Christina IceDreamer Posted:
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Wizard101 released a new $29 Jewel Crafter's bundle today at GameStop that seems to be inspired by the recent jewel socketing update combined with all the magic one finds in the sparklier places of The Spiral.

Let’s break down what makes this bundle special for Wizard101 players and non-Wizard101 players alike, but first, the big news bundled with this bundle is that it confirms a level cap increase is on the way. For the first time, players can choose to activate gear that requires level 110 to equip! KingsIsle has been teasing the release of Polaris for the past few weeks, so it stands to reason players will level to 110 in the land where it’s so cold, even my ice wizard will need a scarf.

Now let’s talk bundle items!

As mentioned above, the bundle comes with a new set of gear. Players can choose to activate it to be equipped in intervals of ten levels, so it can be used for your current level or set aside for the future. If you choose to activate the wand (which is styled like a warrior’s hammer) at level 100 or 110, it will do shadow damage instead of ice damage. Either way you’ll love the overhand throw you do when it casts against your opponent.

Your wizard is going to look smashing on the new Crystal Unicorn Mount . . . and even fizzle a bit less! That’s right, for the first time a mount will boost accuracy when equipped (by 2 percent, which means my Storm Wizard gets this mount). As an inside tip, the easiest way to remember to equip this mount and switch it out with your others will be through using the Equipment Sets feature available in your backpack. 

The Crystal Butterfly is a Balance school pet that has a really awesome animation...it breaks apart and swirls back together again like, well, magic!

The housing item that comes with this bundle is called the Bountiful Mine. The $29 bundle cards typically come with something that goes inside your house rather than a house itself (which are usually reserved for the $39 bundles). This is a furniture item players can use once every 24 hours for random drops, typically gold, treasure cards, or reagents.

Finally, don’t forget, bundle cards come with the option of 5,000 crowns or a one-month membership.

If you’re looking to jump into Wizard101 or just add these amazing items to your collection, now’s the time to listen to that inner sparkle and head to GameStop.

How to use Wizard101 Equipment Sets

1. Put on a set of gear with a specific purpose (questing, gardening, pet derby, holiday, PvP). Don’t forget your mount!

2. Press B (for backpack).

3. Click on the icon with the yellow plus sign.

4. Use the scroll wheels to pick a name for the equipment set.

5. Press OK. The set will be created and equipped. You can now switch between sets on the fly!


Christina IceDreamer