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Silverfrost Mountains - The Biggest Update Yet

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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These past few months Blade & Soul has kept up a very fast paced schedule of content. Their goal is to bring North America up to speed with the other regions of the world and get players on an equal timeline globally. To do this there have been some big updates that have come just after launch. The Rising Waters expansion as well as the release of the Warlock class continued this drive. Now we are hot on the heels of the Silverfrost Mountains update with lots more to come.

The Silverfrost Mountains will cap off the full launch plan for the game. This is the reason they have the big leveling boost going on right now, so take advantage of it as it will end this coming week. The cap right now is up to forty five and will increase once the snows come in with this new zone. NCSoft has been great in trying to get players all there at the same time. That time has arrived. You will be able to continue your personal story with Act four and see parts one and two of that act. Also the level boost will go to fifty and bring in several new dungeons.

We have already talked about Silverfrost a lot but here is a short reminder about the content coming in this week. The Awakened Necropolis is an undead instance for you to explore. The Avalanche Den is the home of the powerful yetis. The last instance is the Lair of the Frozen Fang where the naga dwell. All three of these areas will give the players a lot to do for the coming weeks, not to mention exploring the zone itself. 

If that is not enough, guilds will get some updates as well with the clan level increase going to fifteen. Also, clans will get their very own outfit crafting now. So players can look the part when they go to war with their friends. Good thing too because the Soul Stone Plains will offer a new PvP area for battles. Last of all, the Grand Harvest Square will be coming on March 23rd and bring a timed instance into the game. NCSoft mapped out its plans for most of the year with Blade & Soul as we continued our preview.

Over the next few months there will be content updates on a regular basis. Starting off with Shogun’s Lament. This dungeon is for four to six players and is set to be the hardest released in the game so far. It will offer the best rewards as part of that. The team wanted to make sure that now with all the players catching up in level and equipment they had some real challenges to give them. The opposite side of this instance will be Cold Storage which is set for a much more casual player. This is a six person run geared to be easier for fans who may not have the time to dedicate to the difficult content.

Throughout the year there will be many more updates to come. The Sundered Nexus is a labyrinth instance that the team has planned out. It offers some very unique costume rewards for players. The team told me to think about TRON style clothing and you will get the idea. It will also be for four to six players, depending on difficulty desired.

Another content update will feature the Altar of Divine Will that ties up a lot of storylines in the game. This will be a six player heroic instance that is repeatable for daily quests. We did not get the exact release dates for these updates, but we'll know more in the coming months.

If you want some larger areas to explore the Zaiwei Ruins will be coming at some point and are a twenty four player open zone instance. If PvP is more your style then the Whirlwind Valley is also a zone you can look forward to. It will be a six vs. six battleground which requires players to control different nodes to win the match.

There was a huge run down of content for Blade & Soul at GDC, and fans should be excited as there will be a lot in store for them in the coming year. 


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