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Siege War Campaign

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It was a bleak and unnaturally dark night. The kind of night where most of the townsfolk huddle around the fire in dank and musty dwellings they call home. All but the hardiest of hearts dare walk the streets of Moradon. Such nights were rumored to occur when the forces of evil are strong within the Forgotten Temple. But it was on a dark night such as this that two men were known to have met together in a forest clearing so deep within that not many knew of its whereabouts nor its actual existence.

One was an old man with a long, white beard and he brandished a magnificent staff that appeared to be magical, but if anyone had bothered to ask, they would have discovered to their dismay that it was actually a normal staff with no magical properties at all, and was bought off a seedy merchant back in Moradon. He also possessed a quaint helm with wings tipped with gold lining, whom many would recognize as a Complete Helm, a fashionable item for men of his age group but in reality, the helm was but an inferior copy and the inquisitive inquirer would have also been dismayed to procure the knowledge that the hat was also from the inventory of the very same seedy merchant in Moradon.

The other man was not, in fact, a man, but a Tuarek, and no ordinary one at that. For this Tuarek was feared and respected by many and went by the name of Ruktorr and heeded to the title of Overlord. He was garbed in exquisite armor, but not as spectacular as one should expect of a Tuarek of his stature, for tonight he was trying not to court unwanted attention.

It was the Tuarek who spoke first.

"I see you have acquired a new hat," Ruktorr grunted. "And with the gold I gave you, without a doubt. Very wise for this time of year, though I question your fashion sense."

"I did not think it would be my fashion sense that would be under question, tonight, my lord," replied the old man.

"You are right, there are other questions of import," growled Ruktorr, somewhat impatiently. "Now, tell me what I need to know."

"The Usurper's Stone you seek is located in Delos City," the old man replied without hesitation. "The power it grants to the wielder is almighty, and indeed, the wielder shall truly become the one true lord o'er the lands."

"I know what it's power is, you crotchety old crackpot! What do I have to do to make the Usurper's Stone mine?" demanded Ruktorr.

"It will surprise you, my lord," said the old man quietly. "that you will have to destroy it."

"Destroy it? DESTROY IT!?" shouted a visibly outraged Ruktorr. "Are you trying to deceive me, you disgusting old buffoon!?

"My lord," the old man said calmly. "You will have to destroy it, but do not be troubled, it will soon regenerate and when it does, you will be granted the powers of the Usurper's Stone. That is how you make the Usurper's Stone yours, my lord."

"You had better be right, old man," said Ruktorr, calming down a little.

"Aren't I always right, my lord?" the old man asked coyly.

"Not when it comes to choosing modes of attire," Ruktorr replied dryly. "I had better prepare my men to siege Delos City at dawn."

Ruktorr then turned and walked out of the forest clearing to begin what will be known as the Siege War.

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