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This week we wanted to give you an early look at the new indie sandbox MMORPG Theralon. There are a few things about this upcoming MMO you really need to know, and we love finding out about games like this early on in development. If you go to the website you will see that Project: Theralon is titled as a true Sandbox MMO. The best part is that the game runs in the browser (as well as having a standalone client) and yes, it is built on the CryEngine 3. The graphics and bit of gameplay we have seen are fantastic. But let’s get to the details: here are a few things about Theralon you should absolutely pay attention to. We only learned a little bit at our first-look preview months ago (we’re only now allowed to talk about it), but let’s dive into what we do know.

First, it is easy to access from almost anywhere, being both browser-based and standalone client-based. More importantly the fact that the game is using something as powerful as the CryEngine is really encouraging. The game play is smooth and looked very crisp from the early demo we saw. The characters jump and battle quickly with fluid combat. Most of all the access the game will give players is critical. If you have time throughout the day to kill, it will be very easy to get into Theralon. The more sophisticated engines come into play on a browser setting the more you will see deeper games on that space. Theralon is the perfect example of a game that will hold surprising depth for a game that can be played in the browser.

The developers at Infernum are truly committed to building the game as a sandbox world where players can explore and interact. The team grew up like most of us on old school MMOs and we talked a little about the joys of Ultima Online. They really want the game to capture that spirit. Keeping the world open is important for players as well. We are seeing more MMOs steer away from the themepark concepts and enter back into the open worlds.

So those are the more systems-oriented reasons to watch out for the game, now for the cool fantasy-based stuff. Theralon is pitched as a medieval fantasy game with superhero characters (you and other players). Characters look to have a number of abilities at their disposal from the early videos. One of which is skydiving off the back of your dragon. Yes you read that right.

Dragons play a major part in Theralon from the video and the artwork we have seen. Players will have a lot to look forward to as riding around on your dragon will be an integral part of the game. The video of this is really amazing and coming from a browser game, it really impresses. As for the enemies, right now it looks like orcs or some kind of greenskins are shown. However, they look to be flying in the skies as well from some of the artwork. The question I have is: can you play them as well? Let’s hope so.

One of the great things about MMORPG.com is finding games like this that are working through the early stages of development. Theralon and the team at Infernum have an amazing property here. We hope to see more in the near future, as we’re just scratching the surface here. Rest assured we will track the development of the game as well. Theralon just might herald the dawning of a new age in browser-MMOs, and it’s already looking like an amazing game to keep on your radar. 


Garrett Fuller

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